How to Decorate for Children – 3 Mothers Share Their Best Kids' Room Ideas

June 19, 2019

3 creative kids' rooms with different interior styles

One of the most popular rooms to go "all-in" and decorate with a theme is definitely kids' rooms. We truly appreciate all parents out there who take that little extra time to create a magical room for their kid. In this post, we would like to introduce you to three moms who all have created amazing rooms for their kids with wallpapers by Rebel Walls.

1. Graphic boys' room by @interior.mum

interiormums1The Norwegian mother Synne (@interior.mum) has created a graphic jungle for little Gabriel, a 5-year-old who loves adventures. A giraffe, a bunny and a hedgehog all live next to each other with the Jungle Land, Vintage backdrop. Gabriel is a bubbly and happy boy, and Synne wanted the room to reflect his personality and add adventure for endless stories and imaginations. We're sure that bed sometimes works extra as a fast jeep, a large ship or even a rocket aiming for the stars.

2. Pastel florals for fun and games by @she_plusfive

sheplus1Brenda (@she_plusfive) lives in Ohio, United States, with her husband and their five children. This room was initially their girls' bedroom, but it has now been transformed into the kids' playroom. For a family of seven, a space dedicated for books, toys and everything else the kids love is well needed to allow the other rooms to have their own focus and activities. Brenda decorates her kids' rooms following the keywords "fun", "colorful" and "peaceful" and thinks wall mural May Meadow, Pastel has it all.

20190419-may-meadow-pastel_@sheplusfive3. Colorful room for two happy kids by @jenkubes

jenkubes1Dripping Ice Cream on the walls in the bedroom of Brady, 5, and Parker, 3 in Oklahoma, United States. Their mum Jen (@jenkubes) has got a thing or two to do with it. When Jen and her husband found out they were expecting their third baby they realized Brady and Parker needed to share a room. Jen spent months on Pinterest and Google trying to figure out how she was going to mesh a girl's style and a boy's style together in one room. The moment she found Rebel Walls and saw the colorful wallpaper, she knew it was going to be perfect. When she showed the kids a picture of the wallpaper the next morning, they both jumped up and down with excitement.

bradyJen's top 3 tips when decorating for children:

1. Remember that this room is their space. In some cases, it may be the only area of the house that's truly theirs. If they're old enough, involve them in the process and let them make some decisions (whatever you're comfortable with). They will love to have a hand in decorating their own room. It will certainly encourage their independence and decision-making skills.

2. Consider a variety of colors and textures when decorating to inspire their creativity and imagination.

3. Have fun! Channel your inner child during the decoration process and share that excitement with your kids. It will make wonderful memories!

R10773-9-Rebel-Walls-3Now you're ready to decorate a kids room in your home. Browse among our best wallpaper for children, and don't hesitate to contact us if you want our help.

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