How to Measure and Order Your Wall Mural

October 20, 2016
Ordering a wall mural online is easy, but there are a few simple things to keep in mind concerning how to measure and order. Here is a short guide that pretty much sums it up!

 1. Measure

  • Think of the wall as a rectangle, even with a sloped ceiling, and measure it using the highest and widest points.

  • Do not deduct the area for windows or doorways. 


  • Since walls can be slightly slanting add an extra inch on both height and width as a safety margin.

  • If you want to order a wall mural for more than one wall measure each wall separately, but write in the comment box that they belong together.


The paper we use for our wallpaper murals is very flexible, and can be used in corners and around edges and bends. It can be placed on convex and concave surfaces such as pillars. 

2. Search

  • Browse our assortment online by style or color (or if you already know what you’re after – use the search engine)

  • Choose an image in our image bank

  • Upload your own image

  • Have our design studio make a unique design for your concept


3. Adjust

  • On our site it is possible to preview the cropping of a pattern (according to the values of your measurements) and move it to get the part of the motif that you prefer.

  • With most of our wall murals it is possible to flip the motif and make other adjustments before ordering.

The adjustment options may vary depending on which design you have chosen. If you want to have further adjustments done – contact our design studio!


4. Order

When you have decided on your wall mural design and measured your wall you can place your order online.

  1. Create an account or log in to your existing one

  2. Choose your wall mural

  3. Enter your measurements

  4. Make the desired adjustments (scale, flip or make it black and white)

  5. Choose your payment and delivery options

  6. Place the order

You will receive an order confirmation to your email account and your wall mural will be produced and delivered shortly after.

I you have any further questions concerning how to measure and order please don't hesitate to contact our customer service.