I did it my way

August 04, 2014
Oh, how easy it is to just go with the flow in interior design! It's practical to let the trends

and perfect ideas of professional thinkers rush towards you and allow yourself to get

swept away in the jumble of colors, shapes and details. It's pleasant to bob there in the

bubbling stream like a relaxed piece of bark and let already thought through thoughts

wash over you. With trends as your guide you're certain that wherever you're brought it'll

be just "right" for the moment.


But the problem with not choosing your own path is that you don't know where you'll end

up. At the end of the flow, when you're washed ashore like metaphorical debris, you might

find that your home's no longer your own. It's more like a home ripped straight from an

interior design magazine, pretty and perfect for sure, but sort of hollow and impersonal.

Who really lives there now?


A home doesn't necessarily have to be personal, of course, but it could still be a good

idea to let it be just that. After all, your home is the sanctuary where you can do and

express almost anything you want. There you can paint your walls magenta or amuse

yourself by dressing your furniture in cling film. It's the place where you can let your

passion for leopard spots reign supreme, or anything else you can think of. This is the

place where you may decorate as you wish and trust your own taste ­ so why not take

advantage of that? It only takes a little courage to do it your way.


/Ylva Nordgren

Freelance writer, illustrator and graphic designer with a large dose of imagination.