Love graffiti

February 17, 2015

Which name would you add to the wall?

Valentines day is approaching and our designers has off course interpreted the theme in a wall mural. What else? Our contribution has a slightly different expression than the usual pink and red fluffy hearts you´re perhaps used to see around the 14th of february. Verona is a spontaneous pattern made by people from all over the world eager to show off their love for each other on classic romantic ground.


These are the actual handwritings from the walls of "Casa di Giulietta" in Verona, Italy. The house where Juliet lived in William Shakespeare's romantic play "Romeo and Juliet" from 1595.


In order to save the house from being destroyed and drowning in names- big wood boards have been put up for people to write their names on instead of directly on the old building. The boards are being exchanged twice a year to make space for two tourism booms, just before Juliet´s birthday in the end of july and some days before the 14th of july, Valentine´s day!

Grab a pencil and write the names of your own loved ones - and let guest do the same!