Make an Urban Jungle – Lush Green Leaves Wallpapers for Elegant Interiors

September 25, 2019
To create your own urban jungle can be tricky if you're not blessed with green fingers. And perhaps even more difficult if you're one of those who don't get to spend as much time at home (with your plants) as you would like. But when you finally do, you want to come home to your own tranquil sanctuary. Luckily, there are ways to work around the issue, and jungle wallpaper is an equally simple as gorgeous solution.

R14001_image2The eye-catching jungle wall mural Leaf Love brings a realistic view, and it feels like one's almost sitting in the shadow under the palm tree in this illusion of an alfresco dining area.

jungle-5Are you an animal lover looking for some jungle animal wallpaper? In the luxurious wall mural Mischievous Monkeys, Lush, a group of playful monkeys are hiding amongst the jungle leaves.

How to create an urban jungle at home or in the office

  • Include plants, plants, and then some more plants that grow and thrive in your home or office.

  • Dress your room with a jungle print wallpaper, as a feature wall or on all four walls.

  • Include green, off-white, and earthy colors in your room's color scheme.

  • Use comfortable furniture in natural material such as wood, bamboo, and linen for a relaxing atmosphere.

  • If you have a graphic and light interior style, a sketched palm tree wall mural as the one the image below, Pride Palms, will allow you to have a discrete version of the urban jungle style.

  • Check out Urban Jungle Bloggers, a global community of plant lovers, for more inspiration and wonderful ideas.

  • Get inspired by our Urban Jungle Pinterest board.

jungle-6Our top 5 choices of lush urban jungle plants

  • Musa, aka Banana Plant

  • Monstera, aka Swiss Cheese Plant

  • Pilea, aka Pancake Plant

  • Alocasia, aka Elephant Ear Plant

  • Ficus Lyrata, aka Fiddle Leaf Fig

jungle-3Balthazar – an elegant restaurant with a jungle-themed restroom

To make a restaurant feel new and exciting and to encourage the guests to visit over and over again, uniqueness and renewal are key. Mouthwatering menus that rotate with spectacular dishes depending on the season is just as essential as creating an outstanding atmosphere that makes the customers feel comfortable and welcome. Sometimes it's necessary to renew the ambiance, but to move the whole restaurant to a new location would, in most cases, be too costly to make a new concept. Start with the interior! Update the table setting, the lighting, and add some new wall murals for a fresh look. And we're sure it's not just us – when the restrooms at the dinner place you're visiting are as opulent as the one here at Balthazar, you know you've hit a hangout jackpot!

Balthazar-20Here you see the stunning result of when the Swedish interior designer Ann-Louise Håkansson at Hjärterum combined the wall mural Jungle Land, Color with exquisite green tiles in a fishbone setting.