Make Summer Last with a Tropical Wall Mural in Bright Colors

August 22, 2016

Dive into a pool of color

Summer creates vibrant impressions all around us. In every garden, cocktail bar and at the beach you'll find a spectrum of colors that will make you happy and more energetic. So, why not keep the summer feeling in your home with sparkling colors and splendid accessories, even if autumn might wait around the corner?

Sassy Zigzag is a tropical wall mural design with shimmering rhombs in colors that remind us of an 80's pool party or a dazzling eyeshadow palette. Imagine yourself sipping on a refreshing drink and relaxing next to a swimming pool with some upbeat music in the speakers.

Our Designer creating Sassy Zigzag
A wall mural for the creative mind

Sassy Zigzag is featured in our wallpaper collection Passion, where you can find different enthusiasts who stand for various interests. This particular design has been dedicated to the person we call "The Creator." Sassy Zigzag is made of real watercolor paintings, cut out as geometrical rhombs and set together in a cool graphic way. A perfect backdrop for the creative and colorful (summer) soul.

Sassy Zigzag in the making

When you consider yourself "The Creator", we think you understand materials and constructions. Perhaps you have chosen an art form and a particular material, or you're even one of those multi-talents who have the ability to make creative magic with anything that comes your way. A cheerful wall mural like this can help you keeping up your imagination and encourage you to boost your creativity, even during the winter.

wallpaper sample

Wall Mural Sassy Zigzag by Rebel Walls

This is a tropical wall mural with attitude and charisma – graphical and precise expressed in glowing pastel rhombs. Find out how to decorate the wall mural with a fun summery twist here below.

Get the tropical look with a touch of retro


1. Sassy Zigzag Wall Mural
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4. Turquoise Eames Chair
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