Meet the Professionals – Get inspired by the Twin Sisters From Studio In

March 27, 2018

Studio In interprets compact living in a luxurious way

A sunny and crisp winter morning in February, a few members of the Rebel Walls team took the commuter train from Stockholm City to Älvsjö, where Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair was taking place. We had barely entered the halls before the shiny balloons spelling out ”HOUZZ” caught our eyes. This was where we were going to spend the week, as we had a collaboration with the interior design platform

houzzzzPhoto: Nadja Endler, Houzz

The stand was styled with compact living in mind, and the full concept was put together and executed by Gothenburg based interior design team Studio In, consisting of the talented twin sisters Atta and Maja Ring. They had requested wooden panels with a twist, so our design team helped them to transform our popular design Panel into a darker brown and a navy blue shade. We took the opportunity to ask the stylists more about their inspiration and way of working.

panelThe design Panel before & after customization by our design team.

We felt like professional wall hangers

We asked the duo how they experienced hanging wallpaper from Rebel Walls, especially on a time limit:

– Haha, well, the time pressure made us nervous at first, but we soon realized that Rebel Walls' products were super clever and easy to work with, thanks to the customized designs and clear instructions that were included. We felt like professional wall hangers after an hour.

HZZ_6288Photo: Nadja Endler, Houzz

Dare to go for color

Even though Atta and Maja often design white and light interior projects, they say they love colors on walls. They also believe many Swedish homes need a bit more courage to leave the white wall era, but they are sure there is a change going on. The designers think that the white foundation we have seen for a long time will stay for those who are afraid of experimenting. However, today one can change the color of the walls just as easy as changing upholstery on the sofa – thanks to smart products – and therefore does not have to be too scared of renewing the rooms and redecorate at home. The sisters favor personal walls and find it uplifting to see homes where the owners go for daring over safe. The importance is to find coherence in the style and among the colors.

– Make a personal color map for your home! It helps you stay on your style track.

Photo: Studio In

Get inspiration from the environments you enjoy – even the public!

When doing residential projects, they try to pinpoint which environments the homeowners enjoy the most, either it being exclusive hotel lobbies or scenic spa facilities, and which factors bring the most joy to them. The next step is to find the key components in an interior design style. When asking whether the decorators take inspiration from the way their clients dress, they say that the sense of style when dressing can definitely give hints of the interior taste of the client, and both are just different forms for esthetics and personal expression. The duo also loves working with textiles for a nice touch and suggests transparent linen curtains with a beautiful translucence is a quick fix for more or less every home.

Lastly, we ask Atta and Maja which trend influences they prefer themselves for the time being, and which colors they believe will be on everyone's walls in 2018.

– This year we will see 100 shades of beige going towards brown. Pink is also the hype this year. Atta is completely into wooden panels. Maja goes for beautiful decorations in stone materials and is delighted over her freshly painted stairway in a lovely beige color.

R12881_image2A mural for Atta...

R14671_image2...and one for Maja!

The team at Rebel Walls is so happy that the Ring twins at Studio In wanted to interpret our wall murals in the Houzz stand, and we are looking forward to cooperating with them soon again.

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