7 details that helps you create the perfect cozy corner

November 04, 2015

A private island – in the middle of the living room?

When an armchair is wide and deep enough to allow you to pull your legs up – something happens. It somehow seems easier to lose track of time when your feet don't touch the ground. Whether or not you are reading your favorite author, looking through the latest magazines, listens to a smart podcast in your headphones or catching up on the latest episodes of “your” TV series – being all cuddled up, surrounded by cushions only adds on to the feeling of having a calm free zone in the middle of the chaos / living room.


We picked our popular wall mural Patina to serve as a background for this sweet dream. Patina is a delicate hand-drawn pattern with a warm color tone hidden in the grey! It actually works very well together with warm coral and peach tones and lush green leaves. To get the style from the mood board, this is the recipe:

1.) A big tree. The bigger the better. So that you can get the feeling of resting in the shade, indoors! We picked a fig tree, since we love the shape and color of the leaves! Place it near your armchair.

2.) A deep and wide armchair. Deep and wide enough to "swallow" both you and a number of mixed lovely cushions. This is specific armchair is called Spectra and is designed by the Swedish designer Matti Klenell for Källemo.

3.) Cute quote. Permission to keep on keeping on! Exchangeable letters from BXXLGHT.

4.) Happy yellow cushion. Mixed patterns make everything more fun.

5.) Calming green cushion. Mixed colors make everything even more fun.

6.) Seductive peach cushion. To mix the textile materials is also a great tip.

7.) Warm metal. Brass, gold... We picked the first one since we have some kind of crush on it. But really, the warm colors really help the warm "stains" in the wall mural Patina to show.

Claim your space and conquer that indoor island of yours,  you don´t have to be a kid building your self a hut, especially not if it looks as stylish as this!