New Wall Mural Collection – #9 Home

September 12, 2017

Modern wallpapers that make your home the one place you always long for

There's no place like home. Let's make it perfect! On, September 5, we launched our new collection book #9 Home. The collection features a selection of 30 wall murals, divided into 6 chapters: Enter, Eat, Relax, Work, Play and Sleep. The idea of these chapters is to help make the wallpaper selection easier, based on the room one is about to decorate.


An entrance is like a first impression. It should smile, welcome you inside and bid you farewell.

hall-forestForest Glade


A place to eat is a place to socialize. A place where families are forged and friendships are made.

eay-bloggyCactus Wall Art, Faded


The living room is where life happens. It is the heart of your home and the library of happy moments.

relaxyMorning Haze


The home office is where ideas become action. The place to think outside the box and make tomorrow awesome.

Around the WorldAround the World


A room for play is for all ages. It is the space where creativity resides and dreams are invented.

kids room wallpaper animalsCamping Trip


The bedroom is where you rewind the day and turn off the speed. It is the sanctuary of the soul.

bedroom-porcelain-bluePorcelain, Blue


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