Our Favorite Interior Design Cases of 2019

December 20, 2019

A look back at some of our favorite interiors of 2019

With the excitement of a new year just around the corner, along with the shock of how quick this year has really gone, and it seems to be that way for most new years now. Most of us are finishing the final preparations for Christmas, last-minute purchases and the all-important grocery shopping. We decided to take a look at this year’s most influential and liked interiors of 2019, created and styled by you rebels out there. And who doesn’t love admiring a good interior!

When we think of interior spaces, whether it's a home, an office, restaurant, or hotel, we all have a different eye for how we think an interior should look. We have our own, personal likes and choices, from the textiles, chairs, tables, curtains, cushions, to even the wallpapers we prefer. Even if something is not to our own personal taste, we all still love the opportunity to see how others decorate and furnish their interiors and seeing how each space comes to life within others' homes or commercial spaces. Even a restaurant can inspire a home’s interior and vice-versa.

The perfect bedroom revamp

As part of a gift collaboration, interior stylist Nicola, @loveallthingsquirky, wanted to revamp her dark colored bedroom. Previously she had loved darker interiors, but now she felt she wanted a much lighter and brighter bedroom interior instead. Our wallpaper Secret Garden, Lush was chosen, matching beautifully with all the furnishings and accessories, including the golden mirror, white painted wall panels, the yellow velvet armchair and lampshade, and the gorgeous pink duvet bed, sitting proudly in the middle. Everything seems to have slotted into place perfectly, and our wallpaper certainly added the finishing touch.

@loveallthingsquirky @loveallthingsquirky

A hallway you can never forget

When we did a collaboration with Ann @blabarsudden, there were so many wallpapers she wanted to choose from. She was looking for something with a mixture of styles, including industrial, rustic and bohemian. We think her choice to go with our surface wallpaper Brooklyn Wall hit the nail right on the head with all the styles she wanted for this entrance hallway.

For Ann and the family, when they now see this wallpaper after walking through the door, they get to experience a feeling of warmth, love, and harmony. For them, this wallpaper is not only something beautiful to look at but also ignites a lot of lovely feelings, which for them is very important for their home.

@blabarsudden @blabarsudden

The art of hiding a door

A charming quote recently said by Ilaria sums up this image magnificently, “You can promise me the world, but the place I’ll be the happiest, is still my home. “ We think this quote beautifully explains how we all want to feel in our home. Our Jungle Land wallpaper was chosen for their impressive hallway and at first glance you can’t see it, but then you notice the hidden door tucked away so wonderfully in this interior space.

@ilariafatone @ilariafatone

Two amazing boy's bedrooms for a little explorer and a football fan

Recently we collaborated twice with Cara for both her son’s bedroom revamps. She wanted to redecorate their bedrooms and give them the focus and attention she felt they needed since moving into their new home. For Sonny’s bedroom on the left, Cara fell completely in love with our map wallpaper design Around the World combined together with the adorable shark duvet cover, the office desk in the corner, and the little quaint accessories, this boy’s bedroom is absolutely a favorite for many boys.

For Cara’s son Harbor's room on the right, there was never any doubt what bedroom theme she wanted to choose for him; after all, he is a huge soccer fan. Her decision to go with our Battered Wall surface wallpaper was a great choice and allowed every element in the room to stand out and shine for Harbor. From the poster and the footballs hanging on the wall to the colorful pillowcases and ornaments on the shelf. We think Cara has done an excellent job decorating both her son's boy's bedrooms and we're sure she's given many other parents some wonderful bedroom ideas.

@cara_suthers @carasuthers

A tropical dream for a child's bedroom

Our Pride Palms wallpaper, together with the soft peach throw and the intricate swing bed frame create a perfect tropical interior for any child while also giving the illusion of floating to sleep at night. Everything has been coordinated wonderfully, from the textiles, the blinds, duvet cover, and the cute giraffe picture frame, along with the cuddly little toy on the bed. All the perfect items for a child’s bedroom!

Artspace Interior Design LTD @artspaceinteriordesign @artspaceinteriordesign

A colorful nursery fit for a galaxy girl

With the help of the interior stylist Youthful Nest, Elshane was able to transform a 50-square foot room into a workable and useful nursery. This included all the valuable and much-needed additions that every nursery requires, including the all-important baby changing counter, storage units for all the clothes, books, knick-knacks, plush toys and the most important item of all – the crib, which looks amazing in front of the personalized wallpaper they chose. Elshane admitted to designing the nursery space around this amazing space-themed wallpaper; they knew they wanted a galaxy-inspired decor since they were naming their daughter Vega. The perfect room for one of the brightest stars in the sky!

YouthfulNest @ElShanesworld 2019 @elshanesworld

Whoever said a girl's room can't be blue?

Well, for this nine-year-old girl, that was the theme she chose. No pink for this rebel girl – and we love it. This wonderful girl's room combines the vibrant colors of black and yellow, with its yellow chest of drawers that become a significant center point in the room, the homework space just around the corner, and the black swing that sits nicely centered in the room. You can only imagine this little girl with a book and having the perfect place to read.

Our map wallpaper, Your Own World, Colour Clouds, ignites this girl's imagination further, transporting her to various locations around the world, giving her the ideas of places she wishes to visit in the future. The dark patterned blinds with subtle hints of pink and blue, further ignite the colors in this room. And don’t forget the friendly giraffe, of course!

@claudiainteriors @claudiainteriors

Why not combine two wallpapers in one room?

Imagine yourself relaxing in this bathtub with a glass of bubbles and not a care in the world. The combination of our two wallpapers together perfectly complement each other flawlessly, bringing a romantic and decadent appeal to this room. On the left, you have our 3D wallpaper, Time Traveler, that gives you a glimpse into another dimension of an empty ballroom. Can you imagine how many couples dance the waltz in this bedroom? Our Globes Gathering wallpaper on the right continues to add a vintage and ornate look to the room and completes this magnificent interior along with the silver chandelier, the original cast iron foot bathtub, the stunning antique wardrobe, and the beautiful central fireplace.

Trakk Ltd – www.trakkinteriors.com Trakk Ltd Luxury Interiors

The perfect wallpaper adjustment

Interior designers, Joy of Plenty chose to customize our Perspective Jardin wallpaper for their coffee shop interior design project at the company Nowaste. For this wallpaper to work with their visual concept, they wanted to change the color of the window frames in this design from the original white ones to a much darker frame. This transformed the interior of this commercial space exceptionally. Do you have a wallpaper design in mind, but want to change the colors within the design? Get in touch with our designers here and discuss your ideas.

Company: Nowaste – Interior designer: Joy of Plenty – Photographer: @by.monchi/Sanna Roy Photo: @by.monchi

A grand pink entrance

We were approached by fashion retailers, Bubbleroom, who at the time wanted to redecorate their headquarters. At the same time, we just launched our then-new wallpaper collection Nomad Avenue, which was also used for the walls of our own Rebel headquarters, and after seeing how we transformed our own office walls, they were inspired to transform their own. Their combination of our wallpapers Pink Facade and Solid, Blush look impressively stunning together. What an amazing grand entrance for a fashion company.

@bubbleroom @bubbleroom

Wallpaper certainly transformed this commercial space

For this project, interior stylist Ann-Louise Håkansson @designbyhjarterum wanted to incorporate all the natural elements the outside world had to offer – and with the lush views of the park just outside this restaurant – it was a no brainer the theme for this space was to bring the outdoors inside. With a personal wallpaper design with those exact views of the park in the boule area, Ann-Louise managed to finalize her vision. On the walls adjoining as you enter the bar and gaming area, the outdoor wallpaper theme continues, ivy plants can be seen growing wildly up in this space and old vintage lamp posts and planted trees continue the illusion of walking in the park. Additional natural details complete this interior space, including the French café wooden chairs, green velvet cushions, and wooden booths to sit on.


Everyone's favorite toilet interior

One of our most liked and saved Instagram posts by you followers this year is this impressive restroom. When you see this toilet interior, your eyes follow first from the ground upwards to the shiny green herringbone tiles, then the porcelain sink with brass effect taps, to the big mirror that gives you the impression of more open space and light and then our wallpaper Jungle Land, Color, sitting proudly and predominantly at the top. It's hard not to love this room.


Don't forget the fifth wall!

With open spaces, elegant wooden features, opulent marble flooring and tabletops and no walls to wallpaper, you can always wallpaper the ceiling. Our stone wallpaper Fossil Stone was used for this ceiling and with the help of our designers, the color was adapted to a much darker brown tone, which fit perfectly with their color plan and visual schemes. Each panel on this ceiling has been superbly wallpapered, creating an exclusive look.


That's all, folks! We look forward to seeing more of your incredible interiors in 2020.