Rebel Case: A Bold & Colorful Office

January 19, 2017

The importance of color

Something that we're strongly affected by, but not always aware of, is color. What should you have in mind when you are making your color choices? In this post, we'll guide you through the spectrum with the help of one of our customers where color has been used in an impressive way to improve a corporate environment.

office_in_color1 Use color themes in the rooms you are decorating and every space will feel unique. It will also give the visitors a possibility to choose a room after mood and mission.

Colors affect our wellbeing on both a physiological and a psychological level. If an entire room is decorated in the same color it will feel uninteresting and flat – but add contrast, and use different shades of color, and instantly you'll have something more vibrant and appealing.

office_in_color-15 In this room eye catching yellow lamps adds to the dynamic. Wallpaper: Quadrangle, Blue

Colors can be used to change a room entirely. If you want to emphasize a color – place it against a contrasting one. Bright colors will make a room feel larger than it is, while dark ones will do the opposite – make it appear small and cozy. If you choose a bright color on the ceiling it will appear higher, while a dark color will make it seem lower. If you have a bright ceiling and a dark floor, focus will be on the floor, and the furniture will, therefore, stand out more. Horizontal stripes will raise the ceiling in a room, while vertical stripes will widen the same room.

office_in_color6 The dark blue floor makes the room cozy and softens the intensity of the wall mural Colour Clouds, Chili

How colors affect us:

RED increases our heart rate and circulation and is therefore good to use in spaces where a lot of energy and a high pace is needed.

ORANGE has somewhat the same effects, but is less provocative – a side-effect with red is that it can provoke aggression – orange is therefore preferred in rooms that are intended for high-energy activities that take a while.

YELLOW is considered to sharpen our mind and memory. It has been called the color of intellect and is great to use in rooms where you want to affect efficiency and productivity.

office_in_color7 Colors from the forest, green and brown, create a harmonious environment – here with the wall mural Bellewood

GREEN reduces stress, gives us a boost of confident energy, and is highly suitable for rooms where people work for long periods of time in artificial light, whereas BROWN details can be used to make an otherwise barren room appear more cozy and inviting.

office_in_color8 Blue and lilac belong to the cool color scale and add a fresh atmosphere to this creative room. Wallpaper: Colour Clouds

BLUE is considered to relieve tension and strengthen our immune system, and therefore good for rooms intended for rest and comfort.

Both PURPLE and PINK are colors used for therapeutic purposes. Purple has been associated with higher cognitive states, and pink with love and liberation, and both colors can be a good choice for environments for creative thinking
and healing.

office_in_color_11 Use a wall mural instead of tiles over the kitchen sink – varnish your wall mural for extra durability. Wallpaper: Rusty X-Ray

BLACK and WHITE, two opposites in the color palette, where the dramatic black is always a classic, while white is clean and innocent and the basis for minimalism. If combined these two colors are used for a graphically strong environment.

office_in_color-12 Yellow is a good color to decorate an office with, since it has been said that it sharpens our minds. Wallpaper: Dream Weaver, Yellow

Search our designs by using the color themes on our website and find a wall mural in just the right color that you want to decorate with:


Interior Designer:Tenant & Partner and pS Arkitektur
Photos: Jason Strong