Rebel Case: Creative Environments at Clarion Hotel Post

July 10, 2017

3 ways to create inspiring conference rooms

What do you want to achieve with your interiors? Spaces, like conference rooms, where people will spend time working and coming up with new creative ideas, require a particular atmosphere. These rooms need to be inspiring. The easiest way to create significant change and an inspiring room setting is wallpaper. In the three examples below, we will take a closer look at how Clarion Hotel Post, in Gothenburg, used wallpaper to completely transform their conference rooms.

At the start of this project, we met up with Christina Bromander, Director of Inhouse Sales & Meetings at Clarion Hotel Post to understand their wallpaper needs. We ended up deciding that all conference rooms, in the hotel which used to be a post office, would get different wallpapers based on the curtains and lighting that had already been installed. Hence, every room got a custom made wall mural which was carefully selected based on design and color. 

1. Bring nature inside

The color green has been proved to boost creativity, and the green forest wallpaper Bellewood can make any room feel appealing. Research shows that bringing natural elements into employee environments has a positive impact on both performance and wellbeing.

Green forest wall mural Wallpaper Bellewood in Clarion Hotel Post's Conference room

2. Make the conference room stand out

Every conference room has the same furniture, and Clarion Hotel Post wanted to make the rooms feel different. In the example below, we create uniqueness with a custom made wallpaper map of the town the conference room is in. On the walls in this room without wallpaper, we also placed a framed poster of the same motif.

Your Street map wallpaper Customized wallpaper Your Street in a conference room at Clarion Hotel Post

Most people step up to feel this wall. Are the boxes real? They are not, but they do create an illusion and a 3D effect which makes them both unique and interesting.

Wallpaper Archive with 3D effect Wallpaper Archive with 3D-effect in Clarion Hotel Posts Conference Room

3. Pay attention to details

It is all in the details. In one of the conference rooms, our design team used the orange color in the lamp to make the wallpaper match. Customizing Rebel Walls wall murals is easy, if you have a certain color or even a design in mind, let us know! We will help you make the details pop.

Industrial Wallpaper Battered Wall Industrial Wallpaper Battered Wall in Clarion Hotel Posts Conference Room

The wallpaper Steel is decorating the wall below. With its rusty tones, it is a perfect fit with the copper lighting.

Wallpaper Steel in Hotel Clarion Posts Conference Room Wallpaper Steel in Hotel Clarion Posts Conference Room

Did we inspire you? Do you have an idea for your next project? Find your own wallpaper online or let our designers help you make your idea come to life.