Rebel Case: Joel Jolina – The Making of a Concept Store

October 18, 2017
One dark and early November morning, one of our designers, Linda, received a phone call from Lars, the owner of the stores Joel and Jolina in Borås. He told her they were planning to combine the success from the two existing stores into a new, third concept store. The new place needed to have elegance, a more adult approach, an urban and international ambiance and he had noticed the range of designs from Rebel Walls.

The first meeting

Lars brought his colleague Moa and went to see Linda in Rebel Walls' head office in the center of Borås. They came with blueprints and inspirational images representing the feeling they were aiming at. Images including interiors from Pinterest, the decided flooring, some fabric ideas and different panels they had fallen in love with. The meeting was short and efficient, could easily have taken place online, but as this store conveniently is placed nearby, Lars and Moa came over to see our production and office styling as well.

joeljolina_flatlay-1The design process

First, Linda created a white panel that matched the mood board Lars and Moa had shown. To keep the two sides in the store separated, one area for menswear and the other for womenswear, she added different effects to the white panel. The menswear had a rough, color stained feel to it whereas the womenswear walls were instead dressed in marble panels. She drafted some print proofs and sent to the team to approve the final outcome. Some colors were tweaked, and in the end, everyone involved had come up with the result that was perfect for the new Joel Jolina store.

joeljolina-9Trompe l'œil for the fitting rooms

The store layout is fairly long and rectangular, so an eye catcher was going to make the perfect statement at the very innermost of the store. Here, Lars requested something that gave an illusion of an extra room, or more depth – a conversation piece. Linda used one of the designs from Rebel Walls, Briar Roses, and added it to an external image of an armchair interior to create a trompe l'œil effect. No – that chair and floor aren't real!

joeljolina-7Create the look

Wall murals in your boutique or shop have many benefits. Read some of them below and see how you can create the look for a project yourself!

  • Cost effective – get the look of marble or panels for a much lower cost than the real deal, but with the same ambiance.

  • Easy to change – if you grow tired of the look, or perhaps want to change it between the seasons, wallpaper is an easy way to make a quick change.

  • Adjust for you – ask us to create the exact design you need, either it being green marble, blue panels or anything else that fit your store concept.

bp-panelsPatinated Panels R15381 – use the design service to get it in any color you like!

bp-briarBriar Roses R14541

bp-marbleMarble Art R15181

Find the perfect wallpaper for your store concept: