Rebel's 2017 Year in Review & Trend Forecast 2018

December 20, 2017

Another wallpaper year is coming to its end

2017 is soon over, and wow, it has certainly treated us well! This year we have launched more collections than ever – and established a new design concept called trend collections. Also, we have launched our new website this fall, and soon it's available in all our markets. During the year we've loved to see plenty of homes getting a bit more rebellious on Instagram, and of course, all the talented designers using our wallpapers in their projects. We're just so grateful for all the love you give us!

To wrap up this year, we have picked out your absolute favorites from our six collection launches – and highlighted 5 trends that we will love in 2018. Stay tuned!

Your favorites 2017

Storytime – Kids' collection (February)

A collection inspired by fantastic stories, classic as well as contemporary. 22 playful wallpaper designs tributed to imagination and creativity. View the collection here.

stor5Your favorites from the collection: Mischievous Monkeys, May Meadow, Jungle Land & London Houses.

Trend Collection 1|17: Tropical Oasis (April)

Our very first trend collection, Tropical Oasis, invites you to a place where a peaceful harmony can be found. It was inspired by the secret tropical gardens and the careful crafters of the tropical world.

trop1Your favorites: Misty Forest, Secret Garden Bali Boards, Raku Crackle Cream & Peacock Plumage.

Trend Collection 2|17: Shore & Lines (June)

Our second trend collection, Shore & Lines, was inspired by the natural way of living by the seaside. From the small fishing villages of the Scandinavian archipelago to the sunny coastline of the Pacific – places to long for where stress is nowhere to be found. Enjoy a color palette of dusty pastels, warm beige, and navy blue.

shoreYour favorites: Swaying Reed, West Coast, Seaport & Sailor's Sea.

Collection Home (September)

Your home is the story of you. It's a collection of what you love and the adventures you have taken. Our homes should inspire us to go out into the world and to do great things, and they should welcome us back for relaxation and recharge our batteries. In the collection book Home, we've collected designs that make your home the one place you always long for.

homeiYour favorites: Morning Fog, Cabin, Marble Art & Around the World.

Trend Collection 3|17: Dusty Pink (October)

Fewer colors evoke so many different emotions like the color pink does. Our third trend collection Dusty Pink is a refined and pleasant collection with pink hues that are easy to introduce in a home where the walls used to be all white.

homeiYour favorites: Blooming, Coral Clouds, Agate & Pink Dawn.

Trend Collection 4|17: Eclectic Dash (November)

Pick the goodies from your favorite era with our trend collection Eclectic Dash. “Eclectic” was first used to describe the late 19th-century style mix of baroque, gothic, renaissance and art nouveau. All of these can be seen in Eclectic Dash – in the shape of charming cherubs, winding crown moldings, bold stucco detailing and French panels.

ecliYour favorites: Stucco Gloria, A Priori, Chubby Cherubs & Fragments.


Trend Forecast 2018 – 5 trends to fall in love with next year

Our stylist has summarized 5 trends for you which we see coming in 2018, and we really like!

1. Terracotta – The hottest color

Image: Dulux Image: Dulux

Red and earthy tones are on the rise next year. If you're out for a more colorful interior style, 2018 invites you to focus on strong colors such as terracotta, green, blue, and pink with elements of purple and yellow.

2. Slow Design

click-lounge Image: Munk Collective

This trend focuses on slow living and to have an environmentally friendly approach. We want to decorate our homes with high quality and timeless pieces of furniture. Fewer things that last and materials that get even more beautiful with time.

3. Focus on material

Image: Minotti Image: Minotti

Natural materials such as stone, leather, wood, and hemp soften up and take us closer to nature. Velvet is still on trend, and we want it on furniture, curtains, and carpets.

4. The sofa – Furniture of the year

dreamhouse Image: Dreamhouse Decorations

Next year, the couch shall be big and have room for everyone, but it shouldn’t be clumsy. Simple lines interact with legs that almost look fragile. A place that provides security, warmth, and togetherness.

5. Celebrate the personal decor

amazonia-by-pepe-penalver-1900x1069 Image: Heimtextil

We care about our environment, about materials and production. We scale down and reuse, buy second hand and invest in mature furniture that reflect a relaxed feeling.

By Sofia Pellgård and Maria Sjöstrand.