The root of all good

February 25, 2015

Fresh from the nature

Our designers get their inspiration from all sorts of stuff, art forms, happening, techniques. A reliable, never ending source of fascination and inspiration though, is the nature. It doesn't seem to matter how wonderful houses we are able to build, there is something fundamental appealing to the untamed vitality of the wilderness. Its wide views and the spectacular shapes that can only be found in the nature.14208_ba22dc0f8c445953105530500058d88e

Therefor we are now releasing fourteen new wall mural designs in the category Nature. Frostwork leads your thoughts to a cold winters day.


Cold yet cheerful. Green Leaves on the other hand stands for something new and fresh, a new start.


If "Carpe Diem" would be interpreted in a motif from the nature this would be it. Get up and get out.


If we zoom out a bit - Pine Forest offers your room a new depth.


It´s hard to tell which season the picture where taken in since the pine tree doesn't lose its pine needles in the autumn like hardwoods do.


Perfect by the fireplace! If you liked the first illustration, we of course have it as a wallpaper as well.


Oxalis, wood sorrel, has a light and floating feeling. Yet it´s still kind of bold and unusual to pick one single motif and let it carry the whole feeling of a room, in this case it really works though, a real conversation piece! You can find wallpaper designs that are inspired by nature - but not an exact image of it in the category Botanica. 

Let´s help spring on its way!

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