Rustic Dining with Bleached Oddities

December 06, 2016

Create an elegant setting for dining

Do you want to achieve an atmosphere that’s peaceful but expressive? At first glance, this wall mural appears discreetly elegant, but a closer look reveals the odd mix of objects. On display is a fantastic collection that demands to be explored. The pattern consists of beautiful white objects of various origin. It will create an elegant and interesting setting for dining.

The wallpaper Bleached Oddities shows off a peculiar collection of fossils, shells, religious relics, delicate porcelain, strange toys, and more. At first sight, it appears almost timid. The perfect sophisticated backdrop for the Scandinavian style. But with a closer look, it comes to life. This is Rebel’s extraordinary alternative to plain whitewashed walls. Bright and elegant but with an added character, warmth, and whimsy.

The wallpaper design created in our design studio was inspired by Swedish artist Michael Johansson's art installation "Ghost" that stacks white objects against a wall, as well as the daring vision of Hueso Restaurant in Mexico, where white kitchen utensils and thousands of animal bones cover the walls as a macabre skin of texture.

tapetbleachedHow to create the style

  • Bring nature indoors – naked branches, fossils, bones and stones, will compliment the sophistication of this wall mural perfectly.

  • Natural textures – linen, fabrics, and sheepskin – will provide additional structure and warmth.

  • Wooden surfaces with a rustic feel, classic white porcelain, glass vases, and candlelight, will enhance the relaxed feeling.