Scouting for Sweden's New Design Talents

June 04, 2014

We list our 5 favorites in graphic design from Sweden's top design schools.

Åsa Lagerwall runs the blog and provides daily hints and tips of young designers from all over Sweden. This time she Swedens best design schools to scout for the best and most interesting graduation shows in graphic design. The selection was made from Beckman's College of Design, Konstfack, Forberg's Skola, Bergh's School of Communication and the School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg. The selected graduation projects shows a width of innovative, unique and rebellious achievements where boldness and aesthetics goes hand in hand. Enjoy!

Emma Ekstam
Graphic Design & Illustration - Konstfack
Ancient patterns - Modern Technology

Emma Ekstam has made a series of patterns which is about genetically modified crops and animals. Initially, the pattern can be perceived as beautiful, but a closer look reveal less pleasant details. An exciting mix where Emma Ekstam successfully mix a decorative surface with a morbid content.

Emma Ekstam Konstfack


Rebecca Ral
Design - Beckman's College of Design

Imagination and creativity is an important part of a child's upbringing, but the older we get the less priority it gets. This has Rebecca Ral thought about in her own design process when she created her work, to look at the surroundings  from a child’s perspective and the way children perceive their environment with open and imaginative minds. The inspiration is found in her own illustrations and stories she created as a child.

Rebecca Ral Beckmans


Karin Palola
Design  - Beckman's College of Design
Copy + Paste

Can copying and creativity really come together in one single design process? Karin Palola brings up the forbidden topic of copying and challenge the negative thoughts by highlighting the recognition as the positive effect of copying. Sampling is a common phenomenon in the music business and with this pattern, Karin sampled Marimekko's famous pattern Unikko.


Karin Palola Beckmans

Charlotte Ewing
Design - School of Design and Crafts, HDK

How do you transfer a three-dimensional  shape to a pattern? Charlotte Ewing started sketching on different items and did either follow or break the object's form which then developed to a pattern. The result is the collection Mikroskopia with inspiration from the microscopic world within the body where blood vessels are shaped as corals and tissue becomes mountain scenery.

Charlotte Ewing HDK

Markus Enarsson
Graphic Design - Bergh's School of Communication
District 08

Markus has in his graduation show created a visualization of his own hometown 100 years from now. The illustrations show a Stockholm far away from the verdant city it is today. A proof that storytelling can make communication come to life, and matter more, through the imagination of the observer.

Markus Enarsson Berghs