Second Moment in the Home of Villa Betula

April 19, 2018

The house of an artist

Maren Ingeborg Gråblomst is a musician, artist, photographer, and writer. An artistic soul who gets inspiration from the darker shades of life. Maren lives one hour outside of Oslo, Norway, and her house is painted in a seductive and dark color palette of black, blue, green, and purple – shades that aren't common in traditional Nordic homes.

MarenA place for creative mess and daily moments of magic. Maren's blog is called Villa Betula and is a truly inspiring and warm place to visit for a dose of dark inspiration. If you want to see her beautiful darkness in squares, you find her Instagram here.

hemmetOur and Maren's paths cross at a stage when she's about to leave her old and safe world – the house Maren has created and built for her family – for a new one. Now a new chapter awaits for Maren and her daughter in a new apartment. But the sense of the dark villa will be brought to the new city home.

VillaBetula-2182We feel honored to be a part of Maren's journey.

If you dare to meet darkness, you'll be rewarded light

VillaBetula-1220837The dark and bold color palette to be found in Maren's home comes with the stunning effect that it puts all bright colored details in the spotlight. They shine brighter, like stars in the night sky. Just as the charming "Christmas ship" during winter.

skeppetNautical details are common to be found around Maren's house.

A joyful life with carbonic acid and coffee grounds

Don't mistake the darkness in Maren's images to be sad or melancholic. Inside Maren, there's bubbling energy and creativeness. On her agenda for the future, you will find workshops and retreats. Combined with the transparency for the downsides in life, you'll find a mix of bubbling carbon acid and dark coffee grounds. The humor and seriousness of both give life beauty and meaning.

We let Maren interpret our latest trend collection Second Moment in flat lays. Maren loves odd things and sees the possible in the impossible. Some time ago, she bought an abandoned house in Prague. The wallpaper designs from Second Moment remind her of the house.

"The rooms of Second Moment remind me of the ones in my house in Prague. The house that I had to let go too fast. Everything about Second Moment moves me. There's nothing like the soul of an old building."
VillaBetula-1260876-2Maren with a poster showing the house in Prague.

A soulful tribute to wallpaper

We ask her what she loves the most about the collection, and she answers:

"Everything that has happened between these walls – the laughter, cries, the rustling of skirts touching the stairs, the sound of steps and quiet whisperers. All mysteries and all the magic. All dreams that never came true – or the ones that did."VillaBetula-9208The wall mural Bygone Era is a wallpaper in lovely white shades. The swan matches the mood in the design perfectly.

VillaBetula-9197Time Loop is a great example of the symbiosis of darkness and light. The green stems in the simple, but beautiful vase give a balance to the darker shades of the motif.

VillaBetula-9236Portals is a tribute to the hard labor of laying bricks.

VillaBetula-9250In Velvet Rendezvous you'll find the most gorgeous shades of red and purple.

Second MomentAnd Staircase is most likely the one Maren and her daughter are going to use in their new home.



"This is the closest to a castle this town can offer.", Maren says about her new home.

We promise that exciting things are going to happen inside this pigeon-blue exterior. What exactly, we'll let Maren tell more about. Fancy a look at our collection Second Moment? Get it here:

To Second Moment