Step-by-step: Beautiful & Easy Wreaths for Your Winter Styling

December 28, 2015

Get inspired by nature and wreath it

In one of our last blogposts we showed you how to get your winter interior project started. This time it's all about wreaths, as they are beautiful, timeless and really easy to do yourself. We created two nice and effortless tutorials which show how to make them. Have fun!

1.) You will need a wooden loop, good secateurs, florist wire and some fir twigs.

2.) Start by tying some of the twigs onto the wooden frame. Use the florist wire to do that.

3.) Go on until you’ve tied your twigs all around the loop, the whole loop should be covered then. And you're already done!

A wreath made with paper leftovers


It's not just nature who has a lot of great materials to use in storage. You can even use your remnants and make something nice of it. So: Don’t throw away your remains of wrapping paper or wallpaper, use them for another lovely wreath.

1.) You need some botanic paper leftovers, scissors, all purpose glue and a wooden loop.

2.) Cut out the leaves / twigs / berries etc. from your paper remains as shown in the photo.

3.) Use the glue to stick your cut outs onto the wooden frame.

4.) Go on until the whole frame is covered with paper. That’s it – easy and beautiful.

We hope you enjoyed our tutorials. For more ideas to style and decorate your home for winter, download our free and complete Do It Yourself Winter Styleguide.