Your Street Meadow

May 11, 2015

The first three orders – this is where they went to

What do a person from London, England have in common with a person from Antwerpen, Belgium? A wallpaper from Your Street – Rebel Walls! Our first three orders of Your Street Meadow went to London - England, Marseille - France and Antwerpen - Belgium. Someone in all three of these different cities fell for the thriving design named “Meadow”. Your Street is a service where you send us the address you want to make a map wallpaper of, your currant home address, the street you where raised at or something completely else. It´s up to you!

Your Street Meadow_MP-RW3_image2

The expression the map gets depends on how big the city is, how the nature looks etcetera. Get a new perspective on your every day life with a map that shows you the streets you use when your going to work, the grocery store or the gym. We are thrilled to see the different cities transformed into map wallpapers! This is how the first three orders of Your Street Meadow turned out;


London, England

A somewhat crazy photo collage of flowers in soft colours serves as a backdrop for this charming map.




Marseille, France

The roads and water has gotten a paper structure, this makes the wallpaper harmonic.


R3010_35 Rue Espérandieu_web

Antwerpen, Belgium

Focus on the streets in the foreground or on the flowers in the background, this wallpaper has an extra sense of depth, since you can´t really stop to switch focus.


R3004_Boomgaardstraat 131 ANTWERP_web

See the other two designs of Your Street, the blue and green one and the graphic black and white one, here.