Student Well-being in Mind – Welcome to the Rebel House

March 27, 2020

The opportunity to work on a project we both hold close to our hearts

With appearances on the BBC and numerous property magazines, property developers Philippa and Tom Charrier from FAT Properties have a background in architecture, urban design, and landscape.

Having worked with various projects globally and with student living being their core theme, they contacted us with the perfect opportunity to collaborate together on a very special subject that we were also exploring, that is well-being.

What are the most important things to consider for student living?

  • Create the perfect area for socializing, dining, and studying
  • Never worry about spending time to yourself – we all need it
  • Our bedrooms should be a tranquil haven and the perfect getaway
  • Bring the illusion of nature indoors – this has proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Never worry about talking, sharing ideas and supporting each other
  • Make room and time to pamper yourself, have a face mask, do a yoga session or go for a jog

student livingFAT Properties reached out to us about a project they were working on for a shared student house in Lancaster, UK. This house features six bedrooms, two ensuites, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a lounge. The beautiful victorian terrace also has big windows that will allow a lot of daylight to pour in, exactly what we all need in our home.

Before and after – Watch the full renovation process

What is well-being, and why is it so important to all of us?

Well-being is the state of how healthy, happy or comfortable a person or group of people feel and can be perceived differently by many people. It is very important that we all think about our own well-being and to understand how different areas in our lives can affect us mentally, as well as physically. We should all evaluate our living conditions; such as housing and employment, and think about how our social and relationship well-being is impacting us in a positive and good way.


Well-being can affect our social, study, work and home life

Recently, both FAT Properties and ourselves have delved deeper into the importance of how the environment around us can affect our mental and physical well-being, whether that is home, the office, or student premises.

At the time FAT Properties contacted us, we were also ready to launch our latest trend collection Re:Create. This wallpaper collection focuses on creating an interior space with well-being in mind, so we felt it was fate that FAT Properties reached out to us with this opportunity to collaborate together for a co-living student housing project, with the focus on student well-being.


What is co-living and student living, and why have they become so popular?

Co-living and student living has seen a rise in popularity over the years, firstly due to the increased costs of both house prices and rental rates, but also since this is an alternative for those not wanting to live with their parents anymore and brave the independent life.

Co-living and student living offers the opportunity for residents with shared interests to live together in an environment built with their well-being in mind.

Students in LancasterFAT Properties' mission as property developers is to create a student home that inspires and provides the perfect balance for students’ social, study and home life. They have a great understanding of how the environment around us, whether that be in our home, the office, or college, can have an effect on us, and also impact our mental well-being.

Wallpapers with natural elements and well-being in mind for student living

FAT Properties have also done their research on how natural elements can reduce many factors in our lives, including depression, so we were delighted to help pick some wallpapers for their project.

The wallpapers should have a visual representation of natural materials and texture. This was very important for creating a feeling of bringing nature indoors. By doing this, it can help contribute to reducing our stress levels, and for students, this is a key element to helping them focus when studying. Now the students living here call this the Rebel house.

student living studying

A sociable kitchen diner

You can just imagine someone shouting “Dinner’s ready”! There's no better way to socialize than at the dinner table. This quaint kitchen not only gives students the perfect place to cook and dine, but also an ideal spot for students to study.

Kitchen diner overall

The kitchen layout has been built to fully utilize as much space as possible in this room, whilst also leaving some room for the all-important dining table. This dining table has been positioned perfectly, providing a wonderful area to dine and study together.

The kitchen has been well-thought-out, giving students a lot of storage space for food and all the necessary items for any kitchen, and the worktops give plenty of room to cook.

kitchen diner for student living Bespoke wallpaper design matched with our brick wallpaper Industrial Ivory

The cozy kitchen dining area offers the perfect place for creating memories, socializing, talking about your day together, sharing ideas, and giving advice to each other. Talking is very important for your well-being, and what’s better than talking amongst fellow students.

This interior has a mix of raw materials, natural elements, and modern features, which when combined, offers a kitchen and dining area to die for. The choice of using both blue and white kitchen cabinets is the perfect combo. Your eyes automatically follow from the bottom up, with the dark cabinets at the bottom with stainless steel appliances, to the lighter white worktops and cabinets higher up.

Creating the finishing touches, the chosen wallpapers were a combination of the Industrial Ivory brick wallpaper and a bespoke wallpaper design that features a growing leaf trail pattern with stunningly intricate details.

A relaxing living room – everything a student sharer needs

The natural elements and raw material theme has continued from the kitchen diner to the living room, including their choice of wallpapers. This spacious living room offers plenty of room and space for everyone to hang out and watch TV, play board games, or entertain each other.

We love how the bright green fireplace frames our wallpaper Industrial Ivory that is wallpapered on the chimney breast alcove.

Industrial ivory brick wallpaper

A statement wall for each of the six bedrooms in the house

In all six bedrooms a statement feature wall was created, each with the continued theme of nature and raw materials. What FAT Properties have achieved in each of these bedrooms is the ideal space for any student environment, a place of their own, and certainly a place they will all remember, all with well-being in mind for a tranquil bedroom setting.

Bedroom 1: A trompe l'oeil experience with a 3D wallpaper

Giving you a scenic view outside, our Factory Window wallpaper does exactly this, all without the need of washing the windows – bargain! Can you imagine this space as your own bedroom? A place to study, or having a quiet moment, an important area for your own personal space, which we all need from time to time.

The storage area on the left wall is an excellent place for all your photo frames, knick-knacks, and flowers. Are you wanting to create the illusion of windows on your walls? Then take a look at them in our 3D wallpapers.

A trompe l'oeil 3D wallpaper Wall mural: Factory Window

Bedroom 2: A place for contemplation

When you look at this bedroom, you know nature has been the inspiration behind the styling. Our wallpaper Silence takes center stage in this room setting. This wallpaper is from our latest collection Re:Create, which also takes inspiration from well-being and designed with this in mind.

The name of this wallpaper "Silence" says it all really, and we all need moments of silence. Have you noticed the ceiling lampshade is beautifully crafted in the shape of a conifer tree cone? It’s amazing how interior items can take the form of natural elements around us.

Student living bedroom Tree wall mural design Silence

Bedroom 3: A real surface wallpaper design

You cannot get a surface design as realistic as this one. Taken from a cafe in Borås, Sweden, our mural Battered Wall was originally found after the walls in this cafe were stripped bare, revealing this beautiful surface. Many wallpaper rebels have loved this design over the years and students alike have studied next to this wall in that very cafe, and now this will be featured in this student's room, for many years to come.

A real surface wallpaper design Surface wallpaper design Battered Wall

Bedroom 4: A dose of nature

Our wallpaper Shinrin-Yoku is the heart of this bedroom and from the name of this wallpaper, with "Shinrin" translating to forest and "Yoku" to bath, which directly means forest bathing; to bathe in the forest and the nature around us. This natural therapy technique is a simple practice, just simply be in nature, a remedy we can all get used to easily and perfect for everyone's well-being. This wallpaper certainly helps you to escape to this beautiful forest scene. Thinking about creating a natural forest view in your room, take a look at our forest wall murals here.

nature bedroom theme Forest wallpaper Shinrin-Yoku

Bedroom 5: A modern concrete wallpaper creates the ultimate accent wall

Our wall mural Wooden Concrete shows the beauty of concrete and why we should all bring the outdoors in. This surface wallpaper design reminds us of those times when we should all stand still and take a moment to reflect. When we are stressed or anxious, perhaps we should change what we are doing, whether that is the decision to read the next chapter in our book or go for a walk.

Modern concrete wallpaper Modern concrete wallpaper design Wooden Concrete

Bedroom 6: A blue bedroom theme with Opulence

How would you describe this wallpaper pattern? Perhaps just like the name of this wallpaper – Opulence. This mural certainly occupies a central position in this bedroom, with its eye-catching golden design that absolutely adds a unique twist. Just like the image shows, our wallpapers can also be wallpapered on a slanting wall and certainly not a problem to install when there is a center beam running through the middle of this room.

This wallpaper was designed to remind us all of taking care of ourselves and that taking a yoga session, having a face mask or going outdoors for a run is a luxury we all should boost our well-being with daily.

Wallpaper design Opulence Wallpaper design Opulence

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