The Stairwell Revival – Creative Wallpaper Revamp of Our Office Building

November 28, 2018

First impressions last

It all happens in the stairwell. Forget the idea of entrances being the main venue of “first impressions.” In story buildings, it’s in the passage between floors that expectations either grow or decline.

Nomad_Avenue_Staircase-2_sDoes this feel familiar?

You know how it is; you have an address, you feel relieved that you finally found the right house, you open the heavy front door and enters a… uncared no man’s land.

staircase_during_renovationRebel Walls now precedes with an excellent example by doing a Michael Jackson and “Starting with the man in the mirror.”

The new look of Mariedalsgatan 7

Build up the expectations

A hot tip is to take advantage of the natural and unique architectural dramaturgy of a stairwell. Use the walls of this space to build up a story and an expectation.

Parisian_Cafe-5_s Use this exciting room and offer your visitors new experiences and views step by step, floor by floor.

parreWallpaper your stairwell

Digitally printed, modern, durable and customized wallpaper allows a whole new world of expressions when it comes to public spaces and walls with unusual dimensions, like those in a stairwell.

nomad_avenue_staircase-1Colorful facades in 5 floors

The headquarters of Rebel Walls is situated on Mariedalsgatan 7, Borås, Sweden. We share the brick wall building with several other creative design companies.Nomad-Avenue-London_Lounge-4_csOf course, our stairwell should reflect all of that.

London_Lounge-1_sOur design department created magnificent wall murals that could transform exteriors to interiors. In close collaboration with our bold real estate company, we managed to turn our harmless stairwell into a real colorful experience.

Feeling inspired? Here’re some tips for you

All wall murals from Rebel Walls stairwell come from Trend Collection 3l18 – Nomad Avenue. Do you want to make your first impression better too? Here’re some nice ideas on how to build up the atmosphere floor by floor:

  • Find a theme and stick to it.

  • Put wallpaper on the two walls on each side of the stairs.

  • Pick accent colors from the wall mural and paint the two remaining walls in these hues.

  • Be brave and use different wall murals on each new floor. As long as you stick to a strong theme, the variation will enhance the experience.

  • Incorporate the elevator into the theme.

  • Let the interior of the elevator match the chosen theme of the stairwell.

  • Wallpaper windows. Does your stairwell lack the natural light and depth of windows? Hang a wall mural on the wall where a window would look nice.


Text: Hanna Bondesson | Photo: Maria Sjöstrand