Think Pink in October – White Walls turn Pink in the Homes of 4 Creative Individuals

October 10, 2017

Let's do it together

At a quick glance at the weather report, at least in Sweden, October can seem gloomy and gray, but the truth is that October is pink! Hopefully and wholehearted so – if we do it together. The earliest pink ribbons saw the first light of day in the United States in 1991. Since then, the organization has grown into an international campaign with the purpose of funding research, spreading awareness about cancer prevention and breast cancer. 2017 is the 15th year for the Swedish Pink Ribbon campaign and this year Rebel Walls joins the movement both by donating money and by answering to their shout out "Help to color the world pink in October!" – by making a wallpaper collection entirely in pink. Dusty Pink to be specific. To encourage more people to dare to go pink, we have let four inspiring women pick their own absolute favorite from the wallpaper collection and interpret pink in their own unique way.

Mix and match with Christin

Christin likes pink, and we are pretty convinced that pink loves her right back. Who can resist being flattered when being acknowledged in such a loving way? We at least can't think of a better guide in the courage to dare to go pink, in life in general and when it comes to home interior. To work on this project alongside Christin has been an honor. She "got it" and she got on with it in a blink of an eye. No wonder perhaps, since she works as a communicator, stylist, and digital strategist. Christin and her family; husband and toddler, lives in Malmö in Sweden. Together they have built a colorful, spontaneous and thoughtful life. Get your daily dose of pink happiness at her Instagram account or get behind the scenes and come closer on her blog.

influencer_christin Christin picked the wall mural Mixed Memories. Edgy hexagons and whirling marble in combination.

Midisbilder liggande 1 This is the living room of Christin and her family.

unnamed-1 Pink according to Christin.

rebell_stående_christin_croppad And look at it now! Encouraging, crazy and utterly amazing. A room you want to spend a long time in.

Empowering, empathic and energetic – meet Lina

Next in the line of inspirational females is Lina. Meet her eye to eye in her warm and including lifestyle blog and Instagram where you can follow her through joyfully unforced, and truly inspiring outfit posts. It sounds like an unbelievable equation, doesn't it, but Lina somehow pulls it off, and you will soon fall in love with the vivid soul of hers. Follow her in her everyday life as an Art Director at Garbergs in Malmö (Sweden), being at home with boyfriend and daughter or stroll by her and her business partner Malin Wikerberg stunning and empowering jewelry brand Lite Kalabalik.

influencer_lina Lina picked the wall mural Blooming with huge flowers in dramatic colors.

rebell_liggande_lina_original The living room of Lina and her family plus a glimpse of the kitchen.

mood_rebelwalls_lina Linas take on the color pink.

rebell_staende_lina_R15391 And the wall in full bloom!

DIY with Emilia

Our third inspirer is Emilia. She works as a Tattoo Artist, and so does her boyfriend. The fact that equals a beautiful, continually growing, art collection of graphic tattoos on her arms and hands. The very same arms and hands that paint, weave, cut, spray, glue and sew. Emilia is passionate about DIY, and she is good at it. Where many of us think "Don't Do it Yourself", Emilia is entirely fearless. Open sourced and generous. Watch her home grow and meet her on her blog or Instagram account. Emilia is a part of the creative platform Monthly Makers which helps encourage other fans of DIY to keep their creative flow sustained. Emilia's appeal is educational and encouraging. Can you ask for more?

influencer_emilia Emilia picked the wall mural Patinated Panels, a romantic yet rough motif.

rebelwalls-5 A close-up from Emilia's home "before wall mural."

rebelwalls-flatlay Emilia's view of pink.

emilia_staende_R15381_utan affisch And voilá! The apartment just got its wall panels back!

Close to coast with Catharina

When we got in contact with Catharina, our fourth and last influencer on the theme "Think pink", she was just about to participate in her first world championship in kitesurfing. The event took place in Mauritius, East Africa. Her love for the extreme sport kitesurfing has come to affect every aspect of her life – to the better. Catharina has in an inspiring, inclusive and courageous way let her passion lead the way in all the big decisions in life. She and her boyfriend Stefan, from Austria, have their base in the surf-mecca Tarifa in Spain but chase strong winds and big waves all over the world. In 2016, Catharina and Surfers Varberg organized a kitesurf event for girls and in the whirlwinds of this, she initiated a Facebook group called Kitetjejer that enables girls to find like-minded girls to go kite with. Both skilled ones and beginners in this physically demanding but obviously addictive sport. Follow Catharina's inspiring journey on her blog and Instagram account.

influencer_catharina Catharina fell for the wall mural, Agate. A beautiful gemstone with natural, shimmering, colors.

36273232_Unknown Catharina's room with all of her interests neatly lined up.

36273888_Unknown Saltwater and adventure shine through the mood board of Catharina.

catharina_staende 2 And look at the wall now! Good vibes... and good vibes only!

That was the story of white, dark blue and light grey walls going pink. Are you up for a more pink perspective of life as well? Read more about the Pink Ribbon Campaign and see what you can do here:

To take a look at the whole wallpaper collection and find your own pink favorite, click on the link below.

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