Tin Plates - A Design Story from the Ceiling to the Wall in 125 Years

October 21, 2015

Look up for beauty

Literally, look up, the tin plates we used for the wall mural Tin Plates Ontario and Tin Plates Nebraska used to hang in the ceiling! To use tin plates as a decorative covering for the indoor ceilings had its prime time during the late 1800´s and early 1900’s. Our design department fell in love with the whole aesthetics of the plates and decided to see if they would look as good on the wall as they did in the ceiling.

When the city got its first bank

Tin Plates Ontario, dated 1890, was originally hanged to grace the ceilings of the first bank building in Woodstock, Canada. Another Woodstock than where the legendary music festival took place though!

Tin Plates Ontario

When we unpacked the plates, that came on the post in a big brown package, we totally fell in love with the looks of the plates! We decided to keep the natural patina of the plates and to think of the effects of time as a talented co-creator to our design department.

Tin Plates Ontario

Under the photo shoot of the plates we found that the backside of the plates were just as stunning as the front side – so we did a flipped version, say hello to Tin Plates Ontario, Black.

A recipe from the prettiest pharmacy

Tin Plates Nebraska, The slightly larger, younger and heavier, cream white tin plate is dated 1910. It was, to our great relief, salvaged in the last second from being tossed away in the redecoration of an old picturesque pharmacy in Nebraska, where it was first hanged.

Tin Plates Nebraska

We were happy to give the plates a new life, and when the brown package came on the post we were thrilled to see how pretty the plates were.


The devil in the (subtle) details

If you love the history as much as wall mural – do as we did and decorate the room setting with some subtle details that says pharmacy. We have put some fresh flowers into classical brown pharmacy bottles and framed some old, surprisingly colorful, drugstore recipes from the early 1900´s.


Tin Plates Nebraska comes in two white versions, the cream white one close to the color of the original plates, and a more crispy and cold white version called Tin Plates Nebraska, White.  In short - a warm and a cold shade to suit different kinds of rooms.


The cold white version works very well with warmer colors and materials, the ones you really long for during the autumn. If you are in a mood for some inspiring reeding, these are our favorite creative blogs at the moment!