Trend Outlook – 4 Upcoming Interior Trends of 2017

November 25, 2016

Which interior trend will you fall in love with next year?

Which trends and tendencies do you think will have an impact on interior design next year? We've summarized 4 tendencies that we've recognized around the world. From steampunk to treasure hunting, from apothecary style to beauty in decay – what makes you curious? Get an introduction to two of them here below.

1. Steampunk – Copper, pipes & clockworks

steampunkWith its origin in the industrial revolution, this interior style can be seen as a subgenre of sci-fi that features – or even romanticizes – the aesthetics of steam-powered machinery. Shortly said: Gothic fashion and the industrial revolution interfused in one neat package of captivating design. Sources: Machine Age Lamps & Rebel Walls

2. Anatomy and apothecary style – Taxidermy, shelves, bottles & medicine

anatomyThere's a remarkable interest for anatomy, taxidermy, and everything pharmacy-related to be spotted in home decoration. Together with everything concerning the (human) body and biology, in general, comes a love for accessories that bring us back to the early 1900's – just think of medicine bottles and test-tubes that can be used as simple flower vases or vintage apothecary drawers that serve as remarkable furniture in the modern home. Sources: The Naturalist MelbourneRebel Walls

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