Tropical Oasis – Patterns Inspired by the Hidden Getaways of the Tropics

April 19, 2017

A tribute to the simple life

With our new trend collection Tropical Oasis, the borders between in- and outdoor living have been erased. Tropical Oasis collects hand picked surfaces and beautiful motifs that have been designed to accentuate serene simplicity. Give the room you're decorating a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere with the help of wall murals from this trend collection.

tropical_oasis-4 Enhance sophistication and lushness with wallpaper, here we've mixed Birds of Paradise, Tiles with Raku Crackle, Jade.

Find your path to tranquility with this collection's raku crackles, vintage boards, and rainforest mist – or wrap yourself in the soothing gemstone colors of peacock feathers. The patterns in this trend collection work beautifully as eye-catcher for themselves, but they can easily be combined with one another too, which gives you the possibility to dress all your walls – or even the ceiling – in wall murals.

tropical_oasis-18 Details in the form of animals and a palm branch adds to the tranquil tropical feeling with the wall murals Secret Garden, Bali Boards and Bali Boards.

Find serenity with Tropical Oasis

This collection has been inspired by the purity and simplicity of the hidden getaways of the tropics. It borrows elements from plaited and worn surfaces, recognizing the dedicated crafters whose tender touch can still be felt, long after their hands have let go of the objects they've created. The collection wants to invite you to create a tropical oasis, a sanctuary, a secret garden. Maybe it's a café that needs a new concept, a waiting room that shall be redecorated or a lunchroom that needs a makeover.

tropical_oasis-23 Beautiful details, plants, and sea findings together with the feathers in the wall mural Peacock Plumage.

The tropical palette

4 surfaces and 4 motifs – the 8 designs of Tropical Oasis exemplify the harmony and diversity of the trend. Decorate a tranquil oasis and fill it with greenery and warmth. Plants will make the room feel cozy and lush, along with wall murals from this collection you'll get an overall concept for the tropical trend.

tropical_oasis-6 Mist covers the rainforest canopy in the wall mural Misty Forest, creating an illusion of sitting among the treetops.

Images and material

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