Typomania – From Good Ol' Ink to Stylish Wallpaper

March 23, 2016

Project your writing hobby on your wall

What’s your passion in life? Maybe you love everything about writing, like the smooth and simultaneously rough structure of the paper or the playful composition of letters and words? If so, the following wallpaper might be made just for you – the avid writer!

29 characters typed by hand

Let us introduce you to Typomania, a wall mural that's been created for people with an affection for words and letters – designed by a person with exactly the same passion. One of our personal designers is a rare example of those people who actually still write letters to her friends. She does this with a little help of a cool old typewriter. And with this vintage typewriter, she also made the wall mural Typomania, typing letter by letter by hand. As you may have noticed, she sneaked in some Swedish letters in the design as well; å, ä and ö.

The typewriter our designer uses is not an ordinary one, it's a beautiful mint green Hermes 3000 – beloved by many authors and scriptwriters all over the world. This little green machine has been on the market since 1958, and has also been nominated as "typewriter of the week" by the Hollywood actor and typewriter collector Tom Hanks. But more important, it's been the one that actor and director Sam Shepard (Black Hawk Down, Swordfish), the comedian and writer Stephen Fry (Blackadder, Wilde) and the novelist and screenwriter Larry McMurtry (Brokeback Mountain, Lonesome Dove) have been writing some of their favourite works on.

"At the typewriter you find out who you are" – Tom Robbins

Typomania becomes a happy and creative background that reflects who you really are; a blissful writer and reader whose passion is preserved both on paper and on the wall. It has a playful yet sophisticated look that makes it fit into any kind of room.

R13971_image2Now it’s up to your own interpretation

When you have a passion for letters, maybe you want to write something special on the design of our wall mural Typomania? Use our design services to add words, names or a whole sentence!

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Style tips

Our personal designer has even created a mood board to show you some nice objects that you can style and decorate with the wallpaper. Gotta love these cool, graphical cups with the letters on, don't you think?

Typomaia moodboard
1. Cactuses to keep up the oxygen
2. Chair, wine-coloured
3. Desk lamp in copper
4. Storage boxes
5. Ballograf pen
6. Design letters cups

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