Create Space and Perspective with Wall Murals

October 18, 2016
Rebel Walls' assortment is a treasure box when you want to create bold environments for your clients. Below are some examples on how to use wall murals to change the dimensions of a room, add space and depth, and thereby make the most of it. 

Set the stage!

Wall murals are a great tool to radically transform the appearance of any environment by tricking the eye. With a scenic motif, it is possible to create stunning effects, to enlarge and extend. To create the illusion of a lot of space where there’s none. Maybe give the impression of that extra room or open a visual gateway to another world.

Use wall murals to:

  • Play with perspective

  • Add depth and grandeur

  • Extend the horizon

  • Open up the room without tearing down the walls

R14371Plants are said to make people happy, so bring in the green with some daylight using the wall mural Perspective Jardin. Who wouldn’t want loads and loads of palm trees right outside their windows – this is pure happiness in a wallpaper!

blog-space-perspectiveA room can be enlarged, unfolded, extended to infinity. Bleached Baroque prolongs the room with a seemingly never-ending, ancient hallway.

blog-pine-forestThe trees' placement in this Pine Forest mural gives a lot of depth – one almost wants to step into the wilderness to see where the path is leading. There is something mysterious about the view, real but surreal at the same time.

R13581The soothing Misty Lake is beautifully tranquil. One can definitely see oneself sitting on the pier, feet in the water, completely relaxed and rejuvenated.

R10421My way or the Highway, right? A wall mural full of speed where the road leads as far as imagination goes. Another great example of a wall mural that creates a feeling of infinity and being invisible.

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