Use Wall Murals to Create a Good Atmosphere

October 18, 2016
The ambiance of the rooms we inhabit is said to be of vital importance for our health and productivity. And the most significant ingredients to get the right atmosphere in place might be color and light. With the extensive Rebel Walls assortment at your disposal, you have a powerful tool to make an impact and change the character of any space. Set the mood with our wall murals and make room for a nurturing environment.

Let the light shine in

Light is absolutely essential for our wellbeing. And a wall mural can easily create the impression of extra light, add a window or give an outdoorish feel to a space. With a greenhouse motif, nature can be brought into a room. Creating a soothing atmosphere that gives a boost of energy when entering.

r14371_image2_lowresPlants are said to make us happy. Bring in the green with our wall mural Perspective Jardin. Who wouldn’t want to have afternoon tea in a Victorian Orangery?

r14201_collageEven a smaller space can become a room with a view. Perspective Manoir adds a row of windows to the flat walls of a studio apartment.

r14381_image2_lowresCreate the illusion of a room that rests among the treetops with Factory Window.

r12481_image3_lowresOr visit the woodland realm with wall mural Fairy Forest.

Want to check out other alternatives to create great ambiance? Explore our collections and find your personal favorite on our website!

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