Wallpaper is Art! Rebel Walls Team up With Crystal Bridges Museum

June 19, 2018

Better together – An ever-growing collaboration

SEI20180419_0925 Jessica Pezalla from Bramble Workshop and Dylan Turk, curator at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in front of the art installation of cut out flowers.

This is the story of a collaboration between three parts that organically grew and with lots of trust and love turned out into no less than one conceptual art exhibition, one beautiful handcrafted art installation and two everlasting equally arty wall murals. Flowers where our connection from the very beginning to the adorned end and the two persons on this photo has everything to do with it.

A call we didn't expect

Skärmavbild 2018-05-08 kl. 05.14.38 A series of curved glass buildings make the Art Museum by the river.

Rebel Walls is known for its edgy exploratory design. Many are amazed by our expressive, large patterned wall murals whereas others hesitate to act out on their love with the assertion "it must be hard to hang art on such arty wall murals?" Over the years we have patiently told them "no, it is not." Now, finally, an equally cool and credible Art Museum shows them that "yes, it's possible! Look!". Dylan Turk is a curator at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Arkansas and the reason Rebel Walls' wall murals played a role in the exhibition The Garden. His rebel look on art is bold and very uplifting;

"The artist is the disrupter and the protector of civilization. Art should be inappropriate, truthful, ridiculous, dream-catching, magic, unexplainable, dirty, out-of-this-realm—it needs to be a little bit foolish."

We knew we had to be a part of this project.

Fight the white walls

cb_rw_3 A rainbow of flowers on top of our wallpaper Climbing Clorofyl.

The Garden is an exhibition that sets out to study humans' relationship with flowers from a contemporary point of view. It's not that common, at least in Sweden, that art museums go for wall murals with strong expression behind art and paintings, but Dylan knew that he wanted another layer of graphic imagery behind the objects on the wall and fell for the wall murals from Rebel Walls.

IMG_3892Dylan Turk states that people need beauty more than they typically get it. He intended to create an intense and embraced feeling with the help of our wall murals.

cb_rw_5As a curator, he has experienced firsthand the power of great exhibition design. In his opinion, the font, the walls, the furniture in the room, etc. all of these things should aide in the narrative trying to be told, rather than sit idly by as a non-element.

IMG_3896Our wall mural Blooming can be described as many things, but "non-element" isn't one of them.

From one wall to another

Jessica Pezalla is the amazing artist and designer behind creative studio Bramble Workshop. Based out of Portland, Jessica and her team create one-of-a-kind retail displays, event decor, and custom art installations. Dylan made contact with her to create an art installation at the opening of the exhibition.


Check out this video Crystal Bridges made where you get a glimpse of the making of the wall installation. To make it in time, Jessica had people from her community come over two nights in a row to drink wine and learn how to make flowers. Her aim for the installation was to create an immersive, green, dreamy and romantic impression. 

cb_rw_2When Johanna Ek, Design Manager at Rebel Walls got to see the work of Bramble Workshop, she immediately fell in love and saw the potential of a wall mural in the installation named Unfading Flowers. A local Arkansas photographer named Scott C Wood took the photos for us, and the result is not one but two fantastic wall murals that fitted in perfectly in our trend collection Flora Maxima.

R15802_Rebel-Walls-218-image2We decided to keep the name Unfading Flowers that Jessica had named her installation. It felt like a hopeful and beautiful closure to a spontaneous and fruitful collaboration. Have a seat at this rustic table and enjoy the large-scale version of the magic between Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bramble Workshop and Rebel Walls.

Get the look from The Garden

Wallpaper: Unfading Flowers

Wallpaper: Unfading Flowers, Colossal