Wallpaper the whole world - 5 favorites from Maps

April 22, 2015

Maps is a wallpaper collection that brings new life to the classic school atlas

Zoom out and get some perspective with a world map on the wall, or zoom in on your favourite neighborhood and get a unique as well as place-specific map to dress your wall in. The latter is made possible by the Your Street service, where everything we need is the address of the place you want to picture, as well as the measurements of the wall.

A map on the wall will engage and encourage new subjects of discussion. “We live here, we have been here, I want to go here”. In order to get a nice width in the collection, whose first and foremost source of inspiration is the world map, the design studio has worked with opposites. Historical map designs – some of which are more than one-hundred years old – meet new creations straight from the design studio in Borås, global meets local and heaven meets ocean are all represented, as well as city meets countryside. Here are five favourites from the collection:


Paper Mountains – Decorate with a mountain or a complete mountain range

A poetic mountain landscape of mixed techniques, the soft graphite gray of the pencil is hinted in the mountain tops, a play with the scissors resulted in flying birds and sheer maps in layers upon layers give the mountain mass its delicate structure.


The brave leaves behind the idea of a background wall and wallpapers more walls than one; wallpapers an entire mountain range. The wallpaper can be repeated endlessly to the sides, and this gives new air under the wings for the birds in their lively flight over the mountain tops.




The Colours of Paris – A hand-colored piece of art

We contacted a big map enthusiast on the other side of the Atlantic, in America. With his help and with the use of his significant archives, we have carefully chosen the most spectacular and artfully complete maps from the 18th century and onwards. Some of the historical maps are graphically stripped and black and white, while others are so-called geological maps, bursting with colour.


This map is from Paris 1890. Amazing folds and inimitable colour combinations coexist along the winding waterway.


The wallpaper is like an abstract work of art from afar, but chocks you with its intricacy when you come close. Lively and sophisticated at the same time, for a room that wants to offer both.



A City Rises – For an extra depth in the room

If you are looking for a wallpaper with depth in design as well as in backstory, then A City Rises can’t be beat. Adding to that, the design is complete in its meticulous details and mild colourway. The map from 1912 describes the extraordinary rebuilding of Down Town San Francisco after the city was hit hard by an earth quake as well as a fire six years earlier.


An homage to man’s ability to brush of the dust, rise and rebuild. The perspective of the map is unusual but effective. Fly in over the harbour and meander your way into the neighborhoods of the favourite city San Francisco.




Treasure Hunt, Midnight – A hunt for treasure in a twilight land

Treasure Hunt comes in three colourways, and the midnight blue version fits especially well in rooms that beckon the inhabitant to dream and rest. Well, like the bedroom for example.


A pattern that bears watching.


Wanderlust – Awaken the adventurer within

Wanderlust simply means a wish to travel, and you don’t need to stand in front of this photo wallpaper before the adventurer within you awakens. Photo wallpaper? Well sure, our designers took things in their own hands and chalked out the world in typography directly on the blackboard. The Earth’s landmass is exchanged for words and expressions which mirror the countries, and happy shout-outs about daring to travel are incorporated as well.


A tip is to paint with magnetic colour beneath the wallpaper or to simply mark with pins on the map where you have been or where you want to go.


You can find the whole collection on the website. For those who lust for a star map - Atlas Of Astronomy is a hot tip. The brave one puts wallpaper on the ceiling.

Towards new adventures!