Welcome to the Rebel Office – Wall Murals in Public Spaces

August 16, 2017

The headquarters of Rebel Walls is situated in an old building, not far from Jim Dine’s statue of Pinocchio in Borås, and houses our production, design studio, customer service, and the marketing, IT and sales departments. In the building, every employee has chosen a wallpaper motif for their office that they think represents or inspires them. This way each room has a character of its own – just like the people working there.

The second time around

When Irene and Christofer Gimmersta started Rebel Walls, it was their second time around as entrepreneurs in the wallpaper industry. “The wallpaper industry is an old one, but with recent years’ rapid change in customer behavior and demand, the industry has undergone a huge shift. It is such a great feeling to have been a driving part of that change!” says Irene. “It’s only wallpaper, but even wallpaper can have an impact. Personally, I believe it’s a basic human need to make room for oneself – interests, hobbies, passions – for the creativity that’s immanent in every person to such a degree that it can be said to define us as humans. And I want to give people a chance to do that – to claim their space – in the way that I know best – by developing and producing high-quality designer wallpaper murals and services in connection with that product.”

RebelWalls-8It is important for Irene Gimmersta to generate a relaxed atmosphere in her office. In one corner a big couch serves as a place for informal discussions and creative conversations. "I can feel my thoughts take flight here. The wallpaper and the airy feather lamp certainly add to that feeling. I love the calm serenity of this room." she says. Wallpaper: Paper Mountains

RebelWalls-31Design Manager Johanna Ek rushes by the windows of Managing Director Christofer Gimmersta's office. The large glass windows all over the premises give transparency and bring all the employees closer to each other. The benefits of an open office landscape but with the possibility to close the door when necessary. Wallpaper: Steel


Our conference room for the serious business – called Situation Room – has a world map on the wall to remind us who we're working hard for every day. It's YOU guys, and you are spread all over the world. Wallpaper: School Atlas

rebelwalls-19-nyWhat kind of creative company would we be if we didn't have a foosball table and a crazy chair? Wallpaper: Cuddle Clouds

RWkök-2In Sweden, it's common to bring lunch to work and gather around the table to talk about anything but work. Our canteen – known as Rebel Bistro – allows for any topics from the latest episode of Game of Thrones to the banana plague (apparently it's very real according to Markus in the production team). And Thursdays call for the Swedish most important thing: "Fika." Coffee and cake that is. Wallpaper: Punch Cards

RebelWalls-27Wallpaper: Bellewood, Rainbow

RebelWalls-26Wallpaper: Industriel Urban Farm L.A., Vintage

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