Greenhouse Chapter 1 - Garden Glory
Joy permeates the patterns and wall murals included in the Garden Glory chapter of the Greenhouse collection. They will warm your walls no matter how cold and gray the day is. Read More
I did it my way
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Scouting for Sweden's New Design Talents
The selection was made from Beckman's College of Design, Konstfack, Forberg's Skola, Bergh's School of Communication and the School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg. The selected graduation projects... Read More
Playful interior design - Milan Design Week trend report (Part 4)
Can your inner child come out and play? Toys, furniture and other playful interior design highlights. Some of the highlights from Salone del Mobile and Milan Design Week were on the more playful side. Read More
Who to follow in Instagram - Glenna Gordon
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Construction trend - Trend report from Milan Design Week (Part 3)
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Contrasts - Trend report from Milan Design Week (Part 2)
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Who to follow on Instagram - Ourwildabandon
A Instagram account about road trips and travel adventures by the Canadian friends Jill and Kyla. They are traveling through America in their caravan they've named Bobby Jean. Read More
A fruity design trend
Right now it's hard to open a magazine, blog or pinterest without seeing pineapples, bananas and other fruitastic details. Most of all we love this pattern Jugend goes Bananas by Linn Warme. Read More
Milan Design Week 2014 - Trend Report from Salone Del Mobile and Milan Design Week
We are back home from a great furniture fair and Milan Design Week. While we're gathering our thoughts, enjoy these inspirational pictures. Read More
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