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Find your favorite wall mural with the help of our diverse categories. Do you have any special interests? Maybe you love to travel, or, you’re really into everything nature-related? Then our selection of mural categories might be the perfect tool for you! Choose any subject you like – from city to floral, to hobbies, kids, maps, nature, pattern, to surface wall murals and typography – there’s something for everyone.

Looking for something more specific like a New York City wallpaper, or perhaps a red rose wallpaper, try browsing our categories or search for something more specific in our image bank. For those football fans, our football wall murals can be found in our sports wallpapers. Browse Rebel Walls' wallpaper categories and fall in love with your chosen unique wall mural.


Wall Murals by Room

Enrich and enliven your walls with our selected wall murals, chosen for all different kinds of rooms. No matter which room will be your next interior project at home – we will guide you through our designs by the help of our interior experts. We’ve chosen those wall murals that fit perfectly for the distinct functionalities that come up with each different room, whether you are looking for wall mural ideas for the living room, dining room, nursery room wall murals, or looking for something different for the bedroom. So lean back and enjoy finding your absolute favorite wall mural amongst them!


Wall Murals by Style

Interior design is an amazingly exciting and versatile topic. Sometimes it can even be a bit overwhelming to find just what you’re looking for. To make your choice of wall mural a fun, inspiring and easy experience, our interior experts have picked some expressive interior styles for you to choose from.
Which style is your favorite?
Graphic, personal, industrial or perhaps you are looking for a vintage wallpaper? Select your favorite and find a unique wall mural that matches your style and personality!


Wall Murals by Color

Which color do you cherish the most and always grabs your attention?

Colors have a huge impact on us all and how we feel, so take that chance to change your surroundings in the way you want: create a pleasant atmosphere in your home with your favorite color. Our color category has been created to help you find the wall mural that best fits your personality based on your color profile. We have made it easy for you to select what color theme you are looking for when choosing a wall mural for your home decor, whether you are looking for a minimalistic design with our black and white wallpapers or prefer a more traditional tone with our neutral shades or perhaps you are looking for a colorful wallpaper with our rainbow wallpapers.


Wall Murals by Collection

Every year we release new books and trends with game-changing, bold and cheerful patterns – wall murals for confident individuals who have their own style and expression. If you are looking for a tropical wallpaper then our Tropical Oasis collection is the one for you, or perhaps you are looking more for a 3D wall mural that will give the illusion of your room looking bigger, then take a look at Rebel Walls Curious wallpaper collection. All our collection books have their own category and character – here you can find your personal favorite amongst them, encouraging you to claim your own space in your own home! 

Find your favorite design with one of our diverse and edgy wall mural collections.

Make your home the place to be

When thinking about your home decor there are several factors you need to consider. For example, the functionality and aesthetics of each room, as well as the physical dimensions of the space you want to decorate. Find a collection of wall murals for all different kinds of rooms – to help you choose the perfect mural for your personal needs.

Get inspired by our amazing room settings and learn about the different requirements that you should have in mind when choosing a wall mural for a specific room. May it be the kitchen, bedroom, living room, kids room, hallway, office or dining room – we can help you create a refreshing, rejuvenating and vibrant living space, with our selected wallcoverings for all kinds of rooms.
We have lots of wall mural ideas and there are many different ways to find your favorite Rebel Walls wall mural. You can start by choosing a category or get inspired by our extraordinary wall mural collections. Why not browse our different color styles – or choose your favorite design for a special room in your home? To find a wall mural design that matches your interior style, scroll up and see which patterns we've chosen for you! 

Whether you are choosing to decorate one wall, multiple walls or looking for a ceiling wallpaper, our categories will help you choose the right wallpaper for your home decor. When decorating for multiple walls it's easy to calculate how much wallpaper you will need, simply add the width of each wall together, don’t forget to add 2 inches for each corner as leeway, then for the height choose the highest wall height, again you will need to add 2 inches as a leeway to the total width and height as a recommendation.

​External image bank of wall murals

Not found anything in our categories? Not to worry, we have a large selection of designs in our external image bank. Perhaps you have a theme in mind and want something more specific, perhaps a jungle wallpaper or step it up a notch and create a unique accent wall with a stunning view of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. There are many things you can search for and you can try this yourself by searching for your very own custom wall mural.

​Create your own wall murals

Want to create a custom wallpaper? We can also help you with this. Whether you have an image or a photograph you wish to be created into a wall mural or planning on painting a wall mural, simply scan it in and upload it on our “Create your own wallpaper” page. page.

Wall mural design service

Have an idea for your wallpaper design and would like to design it yourself but need the help to create it? Our design service team will be happy to help bring your ideas to life. Contact our design service team and get a free wallpaper design suggestion.

How to order your wall mural

We have made our ordering process very easy, simply go to any of our designs, click on "customize and buy" and enter your required dimensions, then just follow our easy online instructions. View more information on "How to order wallpaper".

​How to hang your wall mural

Hanging Rebel Walls wallpapers is not only very easy but also a fun experience for everyone and to make it even easier we also include our paste the wall wallpaper paste and assembly instructions with every order. You can also view our online "How to hang wallpaper" guide, which also includes assembly video.

Once you have ordered your favorite wall mural, we will ship this within 1–2 days.