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An enchanting beautiful pink wallpaper made ​​from an old and worn original with every detail preserved.
Romantic, soft pink wallpaper with wonderfully large roses that let summer last all year round.
A timeless pink wallpaper that works perfectly in many different types of rooms
Hanging Instruction Mural Wallpaper


Beautiful pink wallpaper from Rebel Walls
Make your home unique with one of our cheerful and sophisticated pink wallpaper. Pink is a calming colour, although it's sometimes used as a statement. The colour is considered to be the most delicate of them all and it's name actually comes from the flower "Pink". This diverse colour has many likeable shades – from powder pink, neon pastel to cerise pink. Find your favourite one below!

pink wallpaper


Our lovely pink wallpapers make it easy for you to create a personal home


Chic, feminine, tropical, urban or floral – we offer a broad range of pink wallpaper designs. Either if you want to decorate a wall in your kitchen, hallway or bedroom there shouldn't be a problem to find a pattern or design that you like. Wallpaper is a time-saving and efficient way to change the feeling of a room – without having to go for one particual pink colour shade.