5 ways to make your room bigger with wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great product for making small rooms look bigger. Its versitaily has endless possibilities and gives you a fantastic tool to max your room size. Here are our tips on wallpaper for small spaces and how you can make your space feel larger.

Wallpaper that create depth

Some wallpapers are great at creating depth. Imagine how open your room would feel if you could add another window, door or vault. Forest Vaults is a fantastic example of this. This wallpaper creates an open impression where one looks out over a green landscape as if there are actual vaults framing the room. The room extends beyond the walls and makes it appear more spacious. The contrast of white vaults against the green background enhances this illusion of depth.

Right: Factory Window, Image by @agi_at_59 Left: Dove Gardens, White

Small spaces such as staircases can be transformed by adding the right wallpaper. Above is the extraordinary staircase using Factory Window as a way of making this space bigger, almost as if you have created another room, one that has floor to ceiling windows!

White Wallpapers

Light wallpaper and in particular white, reflects more light than dark colors and can make the room feel airy and open.

Jungle Land and Industrial Ivory are here seen in adjacent rooms creating a contrast whilst keeping the red thread of white backdrops that makes the two rooms feel like one open space. White walls enhance the natural light and when combined with light colored fittings such as white doors, floor boards etc. the room brightens up to the max.

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Expand upwards with ceiling wallpaper

Another good small living room idea is to paper the ceiling. By utilizing your fifth wall you create more volume and an impression of a higher ceiling and more air.

Beyond Us is an extraordinary wall mural that gives a striking impression of grandness yet has gentle color notes of beige, reds and blues. The ceiling extends upwards with the impression of having added a second floor. Papering the ceiling allows for keeping the walls plain with little or no alterations elsewhere.

Ceiling: Essex Marble, On the walls: Oxford Oak

Essex Marble is another great wall mural that can be placed in the ceiling as well as the walls. Here, it has been combined with a wood paneling wallpaper, Oxford Oak, to give a rustic look. Papering the ceiling like this gives it some texture and depth which will create an illusion of more space.

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Expand your view with photo wallpaper

Diminish your walls completely with photographic wallpaper such as Misty Forest. This is a very effective way of making your room look bigger as it removes the impression of walls completely. Instead, you get an open backdrop of scenic beauty, perfect for the adventurer or nature lover.

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Surface Wallpaper

Have you discovered surface wallpaper yet? This incredible type of paper is flat to the touch but carefully designed and printed to give a life-like impression of wood paneling, stone surfaces, stucco, tiles, and much more. Surface wallpaper will not only create the depth that you need to make your room look bigger, but it also gives a sense of grandeur and class.

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