Japandi Wallpaper

The Japandi interior style is a fusion between Japanese and Scandinavian design and has grown in popularity in recent years. Our Japandi wallpapers combine warm and neutral shades that are true to the Japandi interior style.

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Create a calm wabi sabi inspired room

To achieve a japandi styled room you can incorporate the wabi sabi way of thinking when decorating. Explore modest aesthetics and welcome the imperfections of natural materials. The wallpaper Horizontal Boards, in white, gives you a wall of wooden panels that sets a simple yet interesting backdrop to your room. The light wood gives a real impression with a matte finish and sets the pace for your japandi styled interior.

Old Pine Trees is a wonderful photographic wallpaper that encaptures the stillness and peace of the Scandinavian pine land. This japandi styled wallpaper gives an impression of open space that looks out over the misty water. The crooked treetops are majestic in their asymmetry and imperfection.

Birch Bark Braids in white is another japandi inspired wall mural with a multifaceted pattern that imitates braided birch bark. This type of handcraft is an old tradition in many cultures and gives an interesting but calm wall. Discover star patterns, rhombs or hexagons whilst still enjoying the minimalist impression and its perfect imperfection.

Stroke Ink is a wall mural with clear Japanese influences. Its clean lines are perfect if you are looking for a minimalist wallpaper and are drawn towards a Japanese inspired interior. This wall mural works really well in living rooms and sits as a gem on your wall.

What colors go well with Japandi wallpaper?

Japandi interior design utilizes neutral shades in an earthy color palette. Depending on your preferences we recommend a color palette of beige, light brown, gray and white shades. You can also match your wallpaper with simple designs so that the whole room is in harmony. This can be done by choosing natural materials such as wood and rattan and adding functional and minimalistic designs when accessorizing your room.

Choose a Japandi styled wallpaper from Rebel Walls

All our wall murals have a matte finish to minimize shine and light reflection. This is important when printing wall murals and photographic wallpaper as you would like a real-life impression of your motive.

We only print on demand and can print your wallpaper according to your dimensions. This does not only make us completely flexible to your design needs but we also make wallpaper printing more sustainable as we only print the amount that is needed in order to minimize waste. Our design team can help you with your order to make sure that the motives and dimensions fit your room.

Japandi wallpaper is often the preferred interior style for those who are searching for a calm interior and who favors the minimalist approach to decorating. The wallpapers incorporate natural elements and neutral colors whilst focusing on simplicity.