Meet a Rebel Rebel Walls x Lars Wallin

Couture Meets Interior Design

Meet our rebel Swedish Fashion Designer Lars Wallin, famous for his mesmerizing, hand-sewn, couture dresses worn among celebrities and royalties worldwide.

We have, together with Lars, created a unique wallpaper collection where couture meets interior design through stunning wallpapers. The designs bring fashion into our homes and have awe-inspiring attention to detail with hand-sewn originals. Sequin by sequin, pearl by pearl.

Get ready to be dazzled by these extraordinary wallpaper designs!

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"A new world opened up when I started designing wallpapers with Rebel Walls. The creativity made possible through wallpapers was inspiring.”

Jungle Pearl certainly is something extra. Extra dazzle, extra glitter, extra lush. Just right for all the fab rebels out there. What's not to love about it!? A wall mural that brings our two darlings together, nature and glamor. The original is a delicately hand-embroidered textile in lovely khaki green shades and pearls that creates a 3D effect.

Baroque Pearl was designed for a wedding suite and creates an opulent medallion effect with a hand-embroidered pattern with shimmering sequins. This wallpaper has the exclusive look and impression of a high-quality vintage textile. Perfect for creating an ambiance that's both snug and stylish.

The designs, Studio Wallin, were made especially for Lars Wallin's studio and depict the creative process from sketch to finished creation. The patterns flirt with haute couture and the french settings where the dresses eventually are worn. The wallpapers of the final result have a cool 3D effect and play with perspectives. Create your very own french castle at home. It might be the perfect backdrop for your dining room or walk-in closet.

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Lace or tulle? Mornings or evenings? Cat or dog? Get to know the star behind the designs! See our "This or That" with Lars Wallin.