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Interior Professional Trade Program

Architects, Designers, Stylists, Decorators, Carpenters, Real Estate Developers, Construction Companies, Painting Contractors

Get Best-In-The-Business Service and Perks for A Pro

Our Interior Professional Trade includes a joint tailored concept for Sandberg Wallpaper and Rebel Walls. Receive an exclusive discount on ALL products in our range. We have no minimum requirements on any order because not all projects are the same.

You can rest assured knowing that you can meet any client’s needs through our wide selection of designs. We offer a true best-in-the-business service with customization and an entirely bespoke wallpaper design for your project. We got a dedicated team available to assist you through the buying process. We help you with custom requests, invoices, and shipping instructions.

More Orders Mean More Benefits

Apply Today and Enjoy Rebellious Perks

  • Discount
  • Free samples
  • Sneak peek of new collections
  • Time with our Project Service Studio
  • Best-in-the-business-service: A forceful team of Rebel associates will assist you from inspiration to installation
  • Express delivery – we get it; sometimes time is limited during a project
  • Video meeting with customer service
  • Reach – We will share selected images from interior designers in our newsletters and social media (we will brag about your style)
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Bespoke Wallpaper Design

Can't find the perfect design for your project?

Our Project Service Studio helps you realize your vision

We create bespoke wallpaper from your design or our collections. We can customize all our designs to your preferences and make your, and your client's wallpaper dreams come true.

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Uncertain of Wallpaper?

Don't Worry; We Got Your Back.

Why do we brag about our best-in-the-business service? Well, because it's true. Our dedicated Rebel team will digitally hold your hand during your whole buying process.

We heard some rumors that some people are a bit nervous about buying wallpaper for their projects. They are afraid that it is hard to hang wallpaper, and that it is difficult to make the right measurements. But with our Project Service Studio, you don't have to worry about a thing. We help you measure, calculate, and even customize the design for challenging spaces such as staircases and sloping ceilings.

And remember: we have a 100% Happiness Guarantee, which means that we send a new product if something unpredictable happens.


  • Premium non-woven wallcoverings
  • 100% non-toxic product chain – VOC-free
  • FSC-certified paper
  • Free from PVC and solvents
  • Lightfast, washable, and sustainable
  • Fire certificates available
  • Design services available
  • Paste the wall technique

Any Questions? Talk to Us

Design Service Specialist
Simon Sjödin
+46 73 751 18 86

Project Sales Manager
Emma Wertsén
+46 76 317 64 96