Meet a Rebel Marie Olsson Nylander

A Multi-Talent Who Inspires with Her Unique Style

Meet our rebel Marie Olsson Nylander, a multi-talent who inspires with her unique style. Marie has created a wonderful wallpaper collection where styles clash and the old meets the new. She loves style clashes and always includes vintage details in her projects. Marie is a Swedish interior designer, stylist, and designer known from TV and has worked professionally with interior design since 2005.

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What does being a rebel mean to you?

I've been a Rebel since I was born, I've always felt a bit rebellious, ever since I was little. I am a bit like Pippi Longstocking. Many say that I am brave and perhaps I am. I always go my own way and find solutions. If someone says it's not possible, I do it anyway.

“I love mixing interior design styles. The unexpected and unique really set the mood in a home.”

What will we see in your wallpaper collection?

This exclusive wallpaper collection with Rebel Walls contains magical patterns with a story. It was important for me to make wallpaper that creates a dramatic feel in a room and wallpaper I want in my own home.

Describe your passion?

I have had a passion for design most of my life, it’s more than a job, it's truly a lifestyle. I love mixing styles. The unexpected and unique really set the mood in a home.

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