Meet a Rebel Rebel Walls x Stylt

A collab between two creative rebels

Meet our creative, rebellious collab partner Stylt. As creative rebels based in Sweden and with the world as their playground, a collaboration between Rebel Walls and Stylt was an obvious choice.

The design agency has always been rebels, starting as an art collective, daring to break the rules and claiming their space. Stylt uses storytelling, art, design, and architecture to create extraordinary destinations worldwide. They have joined our cause to make the world more colorful and diverse.

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“We believe every place has a story to tell – stories that can be brought to life by great design.” Andreas Hagersjö, Art Director, Stylt.

In 2020, Stylt turned a former residence for lighthouse keepers into a small boutique hotel, Pater Noster. The house was built in 1868, at the same time as the famous lighthouse. Since its opening, the small and personal hotel has won some of the world's most prestigious design awards. Creativity, through wallpaper, made the project complete and Rebel Walls and Stylt decided to work together.

In collaboration with Rebel Walls, Stylt created a whole wallpaper collection, Windswept by Stylt. The collection captures the spirit of the isolated island, its rugged nature, and legendary lighthouse.

Rebellious wallpaper, with a Swedish west-coast twist. For, and by, rebels.

Design extraordinaire

Interview with Andreas Hagersjö, Art Director, Stylt.

Describe to us why you are Rebels?
I think it's a part of our DNA to be rebellious. Stylt started as an unconventional art collective 30 years ago, breaking the rules, and doing our own thing. Today, when we're well established as an award-winning design agency in the global hospitality market, we still challenge the status quo, always trying to do the unexpected. Our mission is always to create "hospitality design extraordinaire."

How do you Claim your Space?
We claim our space and clients' spaces by creating extraordinary and memorable guest experiences. We believe every place has a story to tell – stories that can be brought to life by great design. Our philosophy is to turn the anonymous into something personal, the conventional into the extraordinary. Thanks to our mix of creative people with different skills and backgrounds - architects, artists, writers, designers, and oddballs – we create projects that surprise, inspire and energize.

Tell me about your passion in life and why it is so important to you?
I love places that tell a story and have more layers than first meets the eye. Places that inspire and offer new knowledge or insights you take with you when you leave. That's also why I'm so fascinated with details, the little things that make a huge difference, that make a place truly personal and bring the story to life.

How would you describe your wallpaper collection?
This collection is inspired by one of Stylt's latest award-winning projects - a former lighthouse keeper's residence on a windswept, isolated island on the Swedish Westcoast. We created the concept and the interior design for this old place and turned it into a small and personal boutique hotel.

"Our wallpaper collection for Rebel Walls captures the island's spirit, the rugged nature, and the legendary lighthouse. It will help you claim your space!"

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