Meet a Rebel Rebel Walls x Anna Norrman

Striking patterns inspired by the wonders of the sea!
Discover our fab collab with creator and interior designer Anna Norrman! Together, we created a bold and vibrant wallpaper collection inspired by the extraordinary flora and fauna of the sea. A world full of mind-blowing patterns!

Rebel Wall's incredible design team has interpreted Anna's vision of colorful fish, the sea, and its coral reefs into four vivid designs. A collection that is meant to dress both walls and ceilings.

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"I started my inspirational journey in the sea and was amazed by all the mesmerizing patterns swimming around there. Later, the magical designers at Rebel Walls helped me get the patterns on paper by painting them in watercolor. They came alive and started to flow."

Anna Norrman, Creator & Interior Designer

After being part of the design process and having colored the patterns, Anna also wallpapered and styled her boutique B&B, The Norrmans Farmhouse, with her designs.

Styling at the Norrmans Farmhouse:
Anna wanted the wallpapers to be in symbiosis with each other and the rest of the farmhouse. Since the patterns are expressive, she matched them with a calmer interior and avoided different clashing patterns. Anna wanted to give them space and let them claim the room.

She used the wallpapers to stylishly frame the room and wallpapered both walls and ceilings, achieving the most mind-blowing wow effect! The wallpapers are almost perceived as fabric, and you feel like being in a comfy cocoon or a tent, says Anna.

Inspired by the beautiful corals in the sea, Corals claim your space in a bold yet graceful way. 

"Wallpapering is to express oneself, to go all the way."

Anna Norrman, Creator & Interior Designer

Interior design tips by Anna:
Complement the intensity of your wallpapers with the intensity of your interior. Confident, eye-catching patterns go perfectly with calmer interiors and vice versa. If you've included a lot of patterns in your interior, go for a more harmonious wallpaper. And the other way around! Dare to make a statement! 

Wallpapers are also the most perfect (and most dazzling!) tool for including patterns, colors, texture, and an extra creative element to a space. It's key to creating that extraordinary interior design experience.

Anna is a super inspirational creator and interior designer known for her stunning expressive and creative style. She successfully runs The Norrmans Farmhouse with her husband, an exclusive farmhouse B&B in Denmark, and The Norrmans Castle, a boutique hotel castle in Sweden.

Anna creates hotel and interior design experiences out of the ordinary, and her love for design without rules, strong colors, and vintage items definitely shows. We are in awe of her creations and proud to have worked together with this truly unique and rebellious soul!

"I don't DO styles. I couldn't care less. I do EMOTIONS."

Anna Norrman, Creator & Interior Designer

"Give me a vintage item or an odd old thing. It's my job to make it look gorgeous in harmony with the rest of the room."

Anna Norrman, Creator & Interior Designer

"I am who I am, and I don't think so much about it. If that makes me a rebel, that's up to you! "

Anna Norrman, Creator & Interior Designer