Press Release Day & Night – Trend Collection


Rebel Walls' new trend collection Day & Night is created through a collaboration with Swedish slow fashion brand Daynight Casual. Tess Callervik is an illustrator, pattern designer and founder of the clothing brand, whose world of images seduces and spellbinds. Now, six selected patterns have made the journey from flowing textile, to expressive wallpaper for interior design. The collection consists of three daylight patterns and three dark depictions of the night.

To let patterns from home interiors adorn clothing in different contexts and collaborations has been done before, but Rebel Walls stays rebellious and does the exact opposite – allow the imaginary world of the garment designs to dress the walls.

”I want to create surreal worlds of patterns, inviting the beholder to various stories. The idea is to constantly discover new details and tiny creatures in unexpected places.” – Tess Callervik, founder of fashion brand Daynight Casual.

The inspiration from the animal kingdom is unmistakeable in Tess' designs. The patterns are overflowing of life and lust, sounds and movement; hear the roaring waves in the wallpaper Seven Seas, the buzz from the pollinating bugs in the mural The Orchard and the chatter from the vigilant mandrills in Eden Nightfall.

“I love to interrupt a pattern with objects that don't quite belong, to create dynamic and interest.” Tess Callervik, Daynight Casual.

Trend Collection 1l19: Day & Night will be available online from January 15.

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