Meet a Rebel Rebel Walls x Diane Hill

Meet London-based artist Diane Hill. An astonishing painter and THE unappointed queen of exclusive Chinoiseries and botanical art prints! Discover the extraordinary murals Diane has created for us in our fantastic Meet a Rebel - collab!

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Out of the ordinary

Diane's specialty is bright and beautiful art inspired by the Chinoiserie style. She uses a unique technique, painting with precision brushes and gouache on paper-backed silk, enabling her to create the most crisp details and smooth gradients. Her art brings nature inside and captures its spellbinding beauty.

"I obsess over every detail, from the size of each brushstroke to the tone of each color."

Diane Hill, Artist

Chinoiserie, ‘Chinese things’
Chinoiserie is an artistic style from the 17th and 18th centuries, blending Chinese motifs into European decorative arts and showcasing imagined East Asian landscapes and exotic elements.

How it all began

Her story as the queen of Chinoiseries started when she painted her daughter's bedroom, wanting to give her her own Chinoiserie paradise. She shared her process on Facebook; the reactions were immediate and overwhelming. Her pictures were shared countless times, and soon her project caught the eye of Vogue Magazine; this gave Diane the confidence she needed to start her very own business. Discover Diane's art as stunning wallpapers:

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