Press Release Eclectic Dash – Trend Collection


People have since the beginning of time felt the strong and beautiful need to express and adorn their everyday life. This longing for beauty has the fascinating side effect that entire style epochs, with all of their hopes, fears, and ideals, can be captured in contemporary aesthetics. Eclectic Dash is inspired by the most bombastic and fearless style expression of humankind.

Create truly elegant room settings with the help of stunning French panels, winding stucco moldings, detailed ornaments and chubby cherubs. The present is also represented, here to challenge and accentuate the historical aesthetics. Maximized color splashes, photo art, and edgy surfaces in a stage of captivating decay, add gutsy spontaneity to the collection.

“The key to a truly lovable and genuine room setting lies in the courage to mix the sometimes flamboyant expressions from bygone eras with the stylistically pure aesthetics of today.” – Maria Sjöstrand, stylist and photographer at Rebel Walls.

Trend Collection Electic Dash will be available online from November 7, 2017.

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