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Jack Kinsey

Meet our fabulous rebel, British Interior Designer, and successful participant in BBC's famous tv-series Interior Design Masters, Jack Kinsey. Jack Kinsey has a truly unique skill set as both a talented interior designer AND a painter trained in the fine arts.

With Rebel Walls, Jack has created a collection of stunningly grand hand-painted murals that add a little extra (and well-deserved!) oomph to both contemporary and traditional spaces.

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Arts Meet Interior Design & Wallpapers

Jack has always had a deep love for historical opulence, which later has evolved into a timeless design aesthetic where the old meets the new. Initially trained in fine arts, Jack discovered his interest in restoration and interior design while he renovated his first home.

And it wasn't just any home! Jack and his partner converted a church into a, simply put, AMAZING home. The conversion enriched Jack's design skills and inspired him to pursue a new career as an interior designer where he can now use his skills as a painter, designing wallpapers with Rebel Walls.

Jack's recent participation in the ever-so-popular tv-series Interior Design Masters was where he first gave freehand mural painting a try for the first time. Something he said was nerve-wracking and exciting, but that definitely turned out amazing!

"My design aesthetic is timeless, ruling out trends that could date. I like to create a space that sings and impresses long term. I love mixing the old world with the one we live in today, infusing the classical with the modern."

A trip to Rome awakened Jack's love for painting murals. The work of Michelangelo completely blew him away. The richly painted Renaissance ceilings inspired Jack to pick up his paintbrushes and get painting. He also finds inspiration closer to home. His residence, Norfolk, is gifted with many spectacular stately homes and impressive buildings, and it was here that he found inspiration for chinoiserie wallpapers.

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5 Interior Design Hacks by Jack

  1. Get down to the BASICS and the room's architecture you are dealing with. Has it got tall ceilings? If so, take color and wrap it right over the walls and ceilings, paint or wallpaper, giving it a cozy feeling. If the tall space is accompanied by natural light you can be BOLD... go DARK, this achieves an instant wow factor! 

  2. Introduce LAYERS, and by that, I don't just mean cushions and textiles. For instance, introduce paneling to the walls and potentially ceilings too! Traditional paneling can elevate a room to feel more expensive and characterful, whilst contemporary slim batten paneling can provide a calming, relaxing spa-like feel, especially if it wraps up and over the ceiling! 

  3. COLOR BLOCKING. You might wonder what that is, but it's very simple and effective; Color blocking is using complimenting paints or wallpapers to highlight a corner or area of a room. The simplest form is to keep the walls white and introduce a brighter or significantly darker paint color halfway up the wall creating a horizon line all the way around the room. 

  4. TEXTURE! This hack is particularly important as it gives any room a more inviting and warm feel. Texture introduces contrast and visual interest to a space that otherwise may appear quite flat, cold, and boring. Use boucle textiles, a rattan pendant, or even textured wall coverings. It is essential to have multiple textures in one space, MORE is MORE.

  5. Always have appreciation and LOVE for the space you are designing. What is the space offering to you as a designer? Has it gifted you with symmetrical proportions, wonky walls, original floors, or beams? Always take a step back and appreciate what the space is giving you and calling out for.

Rebel Walls X Jack Kinsey