Meet a Rebel Linda Vagnelind

A Swedish creator with a passion for ice-swimming

Artist, photographer and cold bath expert. Linda Vagnelind is a Swedish artist who portraits people sculpturally with wide brushes and thick oil color. She is not afraid of being her true self, and is always believing in her art and its process.

In addition to her passion for art, she loves adventures in nature. Swimming in icy water makes her feel alive and inspires her work in the studio.

We are proud to present Linda Vagnelind as our Rebel and together with her art that will be transformed into wall murals.

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What does being a rebel mean to you?

For me, a rebel is true, genuine, and holds on to their dreams. That's something I have brought with my art into this collaboration. I am a Rebel in my own way, and I have always done what I believed in.

What will we see in your wallpaper collection?

I have created seven different wallpapers where the main tones are black and white. You will see drawings and paintings of women and also abstract art with strong connection to nature.

The designs show confident wide brushstrokes with an impressively graphic and strong impact.

My motto is “Make your walls talk” which fits perfectly in this collaboration with Rebel Walls, where my art becomes wall murals.

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Describe your passion?

I love being surrounded by colors, brushes and tools. And the best feeling I know is the flow I experience when painting, it's like meditation. My motto is “Make your walls talk”, which fits perfectly in this collaboration, where my art becomes wall murals.

How do you get your inspiration?

Painting and adventuring in nature is a lifestyle for me. I love to swim among ice-floes, surf in the ocean and climbing. That's when I feel most alive. The power of the adventures in nature is my source of inspiration. Sometimes I can probably be seen as restless, but I am just curious and I am driven by experiences- and learning new things.

I am fascinated about water in all forms, such as ice and snow. I have built several suites at the Swedish Icehotel.

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