Wallpaper Trends 2024

Escape from Tech

The growing need to escape from every day's constant connection to technology has evolved into an interior design trend! The Escape from Tech style offers a sanctuary of zen-like tranquility and mindful living, focusing on feeling in touch with nature. Our botanical wallpapers provide the perfect tool for tastefully completing this style.

The style is about more than breaking up with technology or at least having a break. It's also about decluttering, minimizing distractions, and feeling closer to nature. Like in the always so-gorgeous biophilic style, all things green and nature-related are the most essential key elements in this style. Soothe your mind by bringing in lush greenery through plants, flowers, and natural materials like wood, stone, and woven textiles.

Escape from Tech goes well with the now-trending artisanal goods. Incorporate handcrafted items to create a personal sense of style.

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"Indulge in a new, sophisticated take on the biophilic trend, Escape from Tech, easily perfected with our beautifully lush botanical wallpapers."

Nature's palette

This trend goes beautifully with this year's trendiest colors. Match any lush shade of green with his year's sophisticated statement colors: brown, warm peach, or bustling yellow, and you have a winning style combo.

"Botanical wallpaper brings the outdoors in, nurturing calm and fostering serenity."

Escape from Tech

Style Secrets

  1. Keep it simple: Go for the minimalistic approach. Declutter and embrace a pared-down aesthetic that promotes serenity.

  2. Connect with Nature: Immerse yourself in the restorative power of nature by incorporating natural elements and colors.

  3. Ground yourself: Engage your senses. Opt for soft fabrics, plush rugs, and natural textures like wood and stone, which provide comfort and tactile experiences.

  4. Create Distraction-Free Zones: Design specific areas designated for tech-free activities in your home, minimizing distractions and facilitating mindful creativity.

Escape from tech and Claim Your Space with our extraordinary botanical wallpapers in lavish shades of green and soothing earthy hues.

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