Tile Wallpaper

Create the Illusion of Real Tiles with Wallpaper

Looking to create a tile wall without the extra work or effort of tiling? Our tile wallpapers are perfect for creating the illusion of a tile wall, all without the stresses of needing to grout. Mix a tile wallpaper with minimalistic wooden floors, white furniture, and perhaps a hint of an accent color.

Our modern wallpaper design "Bistro Tiles" features a subway tile wallpaper design that will make a fresh, clean, and stylish addition to any interior, making this ideal for those who enjoy simple lines and uncluttered, open floor spaces. Those seeking color for a statement wall will find Rebel Walls' Moroccan tile wallpaper "Marrakech" a beautiful tile look wallpaper, with its chiseled geometric tiles and energetic colors, this wallpaper pattern won’t be disappointing.

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Tile Wallpaper in All Shapes, Colors and Sizes

Tiles come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and are crafted from so many materials, including ceramic, glass, travertine, porcelain, slate and marble. When deciding on the materials you want it often becomes an overwhelming and expensive experience, so why not settle on a tile wallpaper that will relieve your stress when choosing a stylish tile wall. Whether you are looking for a mosaic tile wallpaper, ceramic tile wallpaper or a large tile wallpaper, you will find something amongst our selection below.

If you want to fool the eye with the illusion of a kitchen full of tiles, we have many different kitchen tile wallpapers in our assortment for you to choose from. From herringbone patterns with our “Fishbone Tiles” wallpaper, or perhaps you want something more traditional but with an added twist, then take a look at our black and white tile wallpaper “Diamond Tiles”.