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Samples Guide

We are so excited you're about to Claim Your Space and join our colorful and beautiful world of extraordinary wallpapers!

Now, let's find out which of these wallpapers are your perfect match. 🥰

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How to Use

Your Sample

1 - Attach the sample to your wall.

2 - Look at the samples during the day to see how the colors change with different lighting.

3 - Do you like the look? Great! Consider how the wallpaper fits into your space.

4 - Ask yourself, is this my wallpaper match?

Use the samples as a color reference when making other interior choices to put the icing on the cake! 👌

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Meet the wizards

Customer Service

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How To

Measure & Wallpaper

Learn how to make the wallpaper magic happen. Read guides about measuring and wallpapering to achieve the most outstanding results.

And, remember that you're super welcome to contact us if you need help or have any questions (regardless of whether they're small or big, we’re ready to help you out!).

Wallpaper Types

Peel & Stick or Non-Woven?

Should you go for Peel & Stick or regular non-woven wallpaper? Two great wallpapers destined for different spaces. Learn all about which kinds of wallpapers fulfill your needs!

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